September 21, 2019
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Faygoluvers Music Awards 2016 – Extended Write Up

Ninjas and Ninjettes the time is upon us once again. Tradition was declared the moment the ball started rolling and that’s why it was our duty to bring you these 2nd Annual Faygoluvers Music Awards. I’m Nemo, Comissioner, Grand Poobah, Organizer, almost willing to say Pope of these Awards. However, since I’m undergoing several different psychiatric therapies I feel it’s necessary to mention the diligence of the many people behind the scenes here at Faygoluvers, as an exercise to limit my “delusions of grandeur”. Our staff debated the merits of mountains of group and projects over the past few months after a year of compiling great additions to the underground world at large. It’s incredibly difficult to isolate the top 5 or 6, but rest assured no stone was left unturned when considering each nominee.

After last year’s awards, you spoke to us, and we heard every word. This year with the addition of Breakout Artist of The Year we can commit ourselves to an even broader reaching, more diverse competitor lineup. To do what these awards are meant to do, and that is to spotlight talent as it emerges like a great beast from the swamp. Though we cannot ignore the achievements of acts that are already well established, we will never let record sales or prestige be attributes by which these acts are judged. It’s all about the body of work and nothing more. I can personally promise to you, our readership, that we are dedicated to that impartiality on the basis that these awards mean absolutely nothing if that was to be compromised. Just as we did last year, we want these awards to be a basis for artists to be more competitive in the studio, to have an accolade to achieve, a brass ring to grab.

Ultimately though our control of these awards stops at the level of suggestion. Once we narrow down who we think is the most deserving, they are offered up as tribute on a silver platter to you, the Internet Gods who weigh and measure their worthiness to enter a record among heavyweights in our scene. We stand back in awe of all our nominees this year. Seeing how they contribute to our thriving culture is what makes awards like this possible in the first place. If there are those in our categories that you’re not familiar with then that only stands to reason that their work is worthy of your time and consideration and by doing so much you’re helping to bolster this scene as we drive it into 2016 and further still.

Now, without further adieu, check out the nominees for our 2nd Annual Faygoluvers Music Awards:


After you’ve viewed the nominees, you can vote at the link below:

Vote for The 2nd Annual FLH Music Awards @

Scottie D and myself would like to thank Doenut of Doenut Factory for editing our nominee video with great speed and technical prowess, and he even had the decency not to say anything mean about my giant bulbous head. I’d also like to thank .R.A.M., Chad T. Carsten, Polmar, and PunkRockJuggalo for putting so much of their time into considering the nominees and making Breakout Artist of The Year a real viable category.

We here at FLH hope that you’ll be just as vocal with us this year as you were last year so that each year can be better than the last. If you do have any comments you can email myself or any of the staff at FLH, or message us on Facebook, tweet at us, however you prefer. This scene stays strong with your input so please vote and get all of your friends and family, push your baby’s balled up fist into the phone, however you can get more people to participate the better.

Thanks for voting!

Robert aka “Nemo”

Awards Show Overlord


Much love to:

  • All of the nominees and multiple other talented ninjas who didn’t get nominated this year!  This is something we will continue to do as long as there’s an interest!
  • DoeNut for putting together the nominee video! He schooled it!  More info:
  • Rick McHaffey of Red Fox Indy for the awards graphic!  More info:



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  1. Rosco


    Comment posted on Sunday, February 7th, 2016 10:53 am GMT -5 at 10:53 am

    If Young Wicked doesn’t win Underground Album of the Year I’m going to be a sad panda :(

  2. deathmetaljuggalo


    Comment posted on Sunday, February 7th, 2016 04:35 pm GMT -5 at 4:35 pm


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