July 2, 2020
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Big B and his buddy Carey Hart shopping ‘docuseries’ about motorcycle rides

Dave Herrera from the Las Vegas Review- Journal published a short article on Bryan Mahony. Bryan is better known to the underground world as Big B.

This article is discussing his work on the production side of TV. He and Carey Hart are currently working on a show involving motorcycle rides.

You can read the article below.

If all goes well, Bryan Mahoney will be back in our living rooms before too long.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, the face might. Mahoney (aka Big B, and due at the Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday with Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds) previously appeared on “Inked,” the A&E series filmed at Hart & Huntington, the Las Vegas-based tattoo parlor owned by motocross star Carey Hart. According to Mahoney, he and Hart, his best friend, are preparing to start shooting a whole new show this fall.

“We signed a production deal,” says Mahoney, who notes that the new program, which attracted the attention of former Oprah Winfrey producer Ellen Rakieten, is going to be more of a “docuseries” than a reality show. “We have a full production deal on it, but we don’t have a home. So we have to sell it to someone.”

Shouldn’t be too tough of a sell, from the sounds of it. Fans of motorcycle culture will certainly be interested. Tentatively titled “The Good Ride,” the show is going to be centered on Hart’s like-named motorcycle runs, telling the tale of three groups of riders from different walks of life as they make their way to various destinations, such as the 76th annual edition of the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota and to cities such as Vegas. “There’s two other groups of people that ride,” he says, “and then we all kind of meet up at the same destination, and it tells the stories on the way.”

Speaking of stories, Mahoney has a pretty interesting tale of his own that’s worth telling. Beyond just being Hart’s best friend and longtime assistant, the larger-than-life performer has made sizable strides on his own as Big B. Although he received great exposure from being on “Inked,” fact is, by the time he even joined the show, he had already had a pretty respectable run as musician — even though “I’d rather be holding the spotlight,” as he says, “than trying to stand in front of it.”

Mahoney, originally from Upland, California, spent his summers here working in North Las Vegas at his aunt and uncle’s grocery store, Larry’s Best Buy. He moved to the valley full time in the ’90s and attended Western High School. Around that time, he started sharpening his skills as a rapper. After making his mark locally in the hardcore band 187, Mahoney eventually attracted the attention of Suburban Noize Records, the Southern California imprint that has worked on a half-dozen Big B releases over the years, including his latest, “Drunk in the Garage: Live & Acoustic-ish,” which is set to drop on July 8.

These days, Mahoney, who splits his time between here and SoCal, where he works as Hart’s assistant and helps run his motorcycle shop, is spending less and less time on the road and more time in the studio, where’s he working on music as the Felons Club, a project that leans decidedly more in a country direction. Head to the Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday if you want to see the big man in his element. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until he’s back on the little screen.



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