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All Hail the RazoR


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Suicide Lab Productions artists Tha Roka and Sin Rip have come together to form the wicked duo known as RazoR. In April they dropped their debut album, “All Hail the Razor,” and to say it is an amazing first outing is an understatement. The release features fellow SLP crew members, Smallz One, Dieabolik the Monster, Scum and plenty more. Though the features are great, this album is really just a testament of why RazoR should have come together years ago. Make sure to check out their interview for the Underground Spotlight by literally clicking here.

So, finally let’s get to what you came here for in the first place…

Now, I have to start out by once again saying I’m not the biggest fan of intros and because of this I can’t rightfully review them with a score. That being said the “Intro” is only 30 seconds long, but does add a bit of atmosphere at the beginning of the album.

The opening track “Come a lil’ Closer” has a great bass pounding beat that sets a great canvas for Tha Roka & Sin Rip to show just why they teamed up. Both deliver solid and haunting verses that paint a sick, twisted picture. The hook is solid, not the best on the album, but it fits nicely here. Overall, this was a great way to really showcase the duo’s debut outing. 4/5

A wonderfully sinister clip of Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown from “It” sets the mood as we ease in to the next track. “Merry-Go-Round of Madness” picks up after the clip with a melodic beat and A-Sin singing the chorus. I have to say that her voice is both beautiful and haunting, which works amazingly on this track. Once again we are treated to some great solid, brutal and hard-hitting rhymes from both men. Everything seems to come together on this track and it ends up being one of my favorites on the whole entire album. 5/5

I am 6ix” starts off with a brutal verse from fellow Suicide Lab Productions artist Tha Nutkase that sets the stage for what’s to come. The beat has you nodding you head before the first verse is even finished. The hook isn’t my favorite and though it follows the beat, it seems a bit repetitive. Thankfully, everyone featured on the track gives us a vicious verse that keeps the track fresh and alive. 3.5/5

The album’s title track, “All Hail the Razor,” starts with a dark beat that’s matched well with the opening hook. Lyrically, each member of this wicked duo showcases why everyone should be bowing to the Razor. The beat is slower then previous entries on the album and the ominous feeling seems to hang over the entire track. Thankfully the hook carries this feeling throughout the song as well. 4.5/5

Compared to the rest of the album “Monster In Me” starts with a slow building beat with an amazing chorus that resonates within you the moment it hits. The beat itself has a great surging that stays just below the level of exploding, which is perfect for this track. Each verse is delivered on point and creates a raw vision of the monster that can come forth from within any us. Coupled with the beautiful chorus, this track is absolutely one of the standouts on this album. Not that I need to say it, but this is another track that makes my top favorites of this album. 5/5

Hurt You” starts off with a few old school clips and transitions in to a more upbeat and fast paced beat. This time the duo brings along Beast of Mission: 16, who definitely keeps up the pace and is a great addition to the track. The track and hook actually have an old school feeling to them and here it really seems to work. While it was a bit jarring to jump into this track so abruptly, you can’t knock the track itself. 4/5

Honestly, “Do You Want More” doesn’t have the best hook, but it hardly detracts from anything. Tha Roka, starts things off with a sick verse and Sin Rip comes in with a equally horrifying rhyme. As the tracks moves along you begin to realize that you really don’t want more if you run into either of these men. If you want something wicked, I’m not sure there is a better example of how this duo can bring it. 3.5/5

Smallz One is always a nice addition to any track, but she really delivers here and adds a unique element to this track. “Nightmare” slows the pace down with its’ beat, but the verses come at a furious pace. Tha Roka and Sin Rip go back to back and leave the closing solely to their guest. Smallz One can also be heard adding a harmonic element to the chorus itself. When her verse hits she comes with fire that not only keeps the pace, but shuts the door and breaks the frame on the track. 4.5/5

The “Last Letter Killerlude” is unfortunately another one of those tracks I have a hard time reviewing because it isn’t a song. Overall it is nice to have a short break on this lengthy release, but I can’t say it adds much. It is creepy to hear this little song, static and all. Actually, it is a nice transition into the next track.

Last Letter” is a nice place to pick back up as it offers a slower more melodic feel. La Cruz delivers a soft and (to use the phrase again) very haunting chorus, which kicks everything off in great way. The track itself is about stalking; both men create a rather wicked version of this concept and it comes off without a hitch. Each verse is solid and once again delivered on point. 4/5

A pulse-pounding beat kicks off “Ain’t No Tellin’ What I Might Do” with a slow dark tone. This time Razor also shows that the can deliver a melodic and harmonic hook as well. Sip starts things off with his wickedness solidly on display in a great verse to start the track with. Tha Roka doesn’t disappoint either as he delivers another set of guttural rhymes to close the track out. 4/5

“Chainsaw Anthem” continues to prove that this duo has horrorcore on lock and was meant to come together. The hook is a bit repetitive, but doesn’t stand out to much. Tha Roka continues the brutal styling we’ve seen him continue throughout this project. Sin Rip speeds things up this time around and it is a refreshing change, adding something just a little extra to the track. 3.5/5

Next we get a heavy bass laden beat that still keeps that slow ominous tone that radiates throughout the entire album. “She’s Watchin’ She’s There” turns the tables as it delivers a tale of being stalked by someone willing to completely cross the line. It’s definitely an interesting switch to see things from this perspective and makes for another great track overall. 4/5

The piano starts off and adds another layer to the beast that certainly stands out from the moment it hits. Tha Roka brings Spectra along for the chorus and they work well bouncing off of each other. This track also offers a much-welcomed change, but not like the previous track. “Bleed for You, Die for You” gives us a heartfelt look into the continued grind of an underground artist and those that keep them going. 4.5/5

Dead Inside” manages to pack a lot into one track, as Razor brings in Jason X to bang out a nice mellow chorus that bridges each verse seamlessly. They also bring along Dieabolik the Monster who gives one the best guest appearances on the album. Of course, Razor themselves create the perfect bookends for his verse and carry the somber tone of this track. 5/5

We the Gecko Bros” starts with a clip that point to its’ reference to the fictional Seth and Richie Gecko from the film “From Dusk till Dawn.” A quicker beat pushes the track along as Razor takes this to the next level with some terrifying lyrics here. Both members bounce the hook between each other well and brings that brotherly element to the theme. 4/5

A nice guitar riff and drum combo starts things off, which transitions nicely into the more metal inspired beat. This beat works well and again offers another weapon in Razor’s arsenal, it also seems fitting since LSP’s own Scum is along for the ride. “Metal in Your Spine” sees all three committing with brutal verses off the worst beat downs you could ever imagine. Scum’s verse is a good addition, but ultimately it was Razor’s ability to once again switch up the style that stood out. 4.5/5

Altering to more imaginative horrorcore elements, “Rise from the Dead” shows the tale of the duo joining the zombie herd. Both members do a great job of adding their own vicious take on the nasty world of the walking dead. The beat is more up-tempo, but some how only adds to the creepy atmosphere the track presents. 4/5

As you might guess from the track’s title, “Home Invasion,” the track sees Razor and returning fellow SLP roster member Tha Nutkase entering homes in a seriously terrifying way. K-Dogg also comes along for the ride and offers a decent verse as well, but ultimately feels a bit off from the rest. 3.5/5

A British ABC special report starts this track and sets things up for “American Horror.” This is a tale of being bullied and bottling it up until it bubbles over in a violent rage. It is extremely haunting and the almost delicate chorus keeps this going between each verse. It’s almost a sad track to hear, lyrically, on many levels especially after the opening clip points out is a “recurring thing in the US.” No matter how you take it, this is a very powerful track. 4/5

Hate” is an interesting choice to close the album out as it doesn’t radiate as powerfully as the previous track, but it’s still a great song. A return to the bass pounding beat is a good change and allows the duo to work well together. Lyrically, the track is filled with what truly fills the duo with hate. It is a brutal and direct track that is a seemingly nice ending point for the album. While it isn’t the most powerful track with the best hook it does showcase how well Razor works together. 3.5/5


As I’ve mentioned this album is a clear showcase to why Tha Roka and Sin Rip were meant to work together. The production work is spot on here as well and Suicide Lab Productions brings in some great guests for this release too. Honestly, this is an amazing debut album and I can’t recommend it enough. It is certainly worth the $10 price tag and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Keep an eye on Razor, the entire Suicide Lab Productions crew and don’t forget to check out their Underground Spotlight interview. 4/5



  1. Merry-Go-Round of Madness
  2. Monster in me
  3. Nightmare
  4. Dead Inside


Record Label:

  • Suicide Lab Productions

Release Date:

  • 04/27/2016





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