May 8, 2021
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Dark Lotus’ “Tales From The Lotus Pod” Coming To Vinyl

We got even more news for you comin’ from yesterday’s surprise Hatchet Herald.
It was announced that the first Dark Lotus album “Tales From The Lotus Pod” will be released on 12″ vinyl! Two editions will be released. The first one will be released on Juggalo Day/Weekend 2017  and be limited to only 500 copies. All of them will be numbered by hand. Then, about a month later at the end of March, the retail version will be released which you can pick up in stores and online.
So that’s two versions. One rare. One not so rare.


Check out what J-Webb had to say in in the Hatchet Herald:

Remember in the last Hatchet Herald when I alluded that there would be a super rare collectable ONLY available at Juggalo Weekend 2017 in February? Well, why the fuck not—I’m going to drop that flavor on you right now….

As you know the headliner for the second night of Juggalo Weekend is Dark Lotus performing their legendary and spooky-as-fuck, debut album “Tales From the Lotus Pod” in it’s entirety for the first and only time ever. For sale at the merch stand that weekend—and LIMITED TO ONLY 500 NUMBERED COPIES—is the first ever vinyl pressing of that Juggalo classic album!!! That’s right “Tales From The Lotus Pod” on vinyl!!! This big ass, bad, motherfucker is a 180-gram, double LP. These 500 special collectors edition versions will come with a commemorative Juggalo Weekend 2017 sticker on the front and each copy will be individually numbered. Again, only 500 will be sold, making this an INSTANT collector’s piece! A little over a month later, towards the end of March, the retail vinyl version of “Tales From the Lotus Pod” will be released in stores nationwide. But if you want that ULTRA-RARE, one time only Juggalo Weekend edition…You’ll have to just be crazy enough to actually be there in Florida in February and scoop that bitch up!



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