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More Stories to Tell


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Another album review sent over from Scottie where I had no idea what to expect. This one is for Super Smash Bros‘ latest release “More Stories To Tell.”
I was not at all familiar with SSB until I heard this album. I thought SSB was super underground and after listening to the album once, I was very pleasantly surprised.
More Stories To Tell is filled with catchy beats, catchy flows, great lyrics, great guest spots from Hed PE, GrewSum, Insane Poetry, Wrekonize and a whole lot more!

I feel like I would recommend this album to any fan of rap, not just fans of the underground.

I did this review honestly and although I liked some songs way more than other songs, the album as a whole is dope.


1. Hyped Up
2. Austin, Texas
3. Comin Around
4. Party Crashers ft. Wrekonize, DeJangles & Troll
5. Blunt Raps ft. SHSM
6. Strip Club Pornstars ft. Hed PE
7. Smashed Up ft. Hard Jawz
8. Pass The Mic ft. Hard Jawz
9. Respect ft. K-Rino & Insane Poetry
10. Wake Up ft. GrewSum
11 Austin, Texas [Chopped & Slurred]

1. Hyped Up
This track starts of with a catchy beat right off the hop. It might be considered a little bit poppy until the rap comes in. The beat sounds a bit “Asian” which definitely fits in withe the SSB Nintendo influence.
Honestly this is the perfect opening track. It grabbed my attention right away and got me super-hyped to listen to the rest of this album. SSB show they’re very lyrically entertaining.
This has got to be the hypest song on the entire album.

2. Austin, Texas
Good production for this track but it seems to be lacking something? I’m always down with rappers repping their home town and this song is definitely a tribute to Austin. SSB fills us in on what goes down in the Texas city lyrically.
I can see how people dig this track (especially Austin cats) but for some reason, this one was not for me.

3. Comin Around
This track has what seems to be a simple beat but it is very effective. Much like the first track, Hyped Up, this track grabbed my attention right away. Catchy raps done in a flow that fits perfectly with the beat to make it impossible for you to not nod your head or tap your toes as you listen to this track.
No chorus on this one but there’s a hook at the end that’s as catchy as the rest of the tune.

4. Party Crashers ft. Wrekonize, DeJangles & Troll
The party track! Every album needs one and SSB schooled it!
I’m loving the beats on this album so far. It seems like SSB know exactly what they’re looking for to bring out that particular style they have. Wrekonize brings that familiar style to the chorus that I’ve heard before but it definitely elevates the song. The guest spots on this track are great too. Much like Wrekonize, both DeJangles & Troll definitely bring some extra flavor.

5. Blunt Raps ft. SHSM
Much like the last track that was a party track (and seems to be required on every underground artist’s album) this track deals with smokers. Yes. The weed track.
This is another song that sounds like it has that Asian/Nintendo influence. Another super catchy, almost melodic beat along with catchy raps. I’m loving the hook here too and I’m not sure what else could be done with this song. Everything seemed to work out well for this one. I can definitely see some smokers mellowing out to this.
The intro to this song features a skit of multiple blunt wrap purchases.

6. Strip Club Pornstars ft. Hed PE
We had the party track. We had the weed track. Now all we need is the sex track. Well here we are.
Although I would say this could be considered a half party, half sex song. A lot of times sex songs have a more mellow, maybe every sensual beat and aren’t usually bangers. Not this track though. This is one I would blare through my car speakers which is something I can’t say for too many sex songs. Jared Gomes on the chorus give this track a lot of extra energy.

7. Smashed Up ft. Hard Jawz
This song jumps in to the rap flow right away. Even more impressive lyrical skills comin’ from SSB and the guest spot, Hard Jawz. Their rap style reminds me of some catchy underground shit which can be said for a lot of songs on this album.
This is a pretty simple beat but it seems like those types of beats really work in SSB’s favor. I’m loving the guitar riffs. This almost sounds like another party track.

8. Pass The Mic ft. Hard Jawz
This track starts out on a more mellow tip than the rest of the album but a few seconds in, SSB busts in and shows you can still rap hard and fast over a mellow beat.
This song seems to be about the life of SSB. Life on the road, creating music, motivation, etc. This song is could actually be great if you’re looking for a bit of motivation.
I’m not digging the beat on this one as much as previous tracks but SSB seemed to know what they were doing.

9. Respect ft. K-Rino & Insane Poetry
The very beginning of this song sounds like it could be something out of a cartoon. “Respect!”
The beat on this one is a piano playing over a darker beat. Another hard track. Guests spots seemed to fit well. I’m really digging K-Rino and Insane Poetry’s verses but honestly it seemed like SSB’s verses were the best on this one. I’m not really liking the chorus on this one but the rest of the song is dope.

10. Wake Up ft. GrewSum
This track is right up there as one on my favorites from the album. It’s straight up hip hop.
Aside from “Hyped Up,” this is the best song on the album lyrically.
Another mellow beat. They don’t come hard on this one though (well, maybe a little bit) but rather fit the raps to the beat perfectly. Grewsum definitely brings some extra freshness to this track. It kinda gives ya the feels a little bit.
This track features a skit at the beginning.

11 Austin, Texas [Chopped & Slurred]
I wasn’t a fan of the original track and this remixed version of it doesn’t seem to add anything to it. The remix actually seems to take away from the original track more than add anything to it.
It’s called “Chopped and Slurred” which means they slowed it down a bit too.

Overall Rating:
3.5 out of 5

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Hyped Up
  2. Comin Around


  • 40 Minutes

Record Label:

  • Pound the Pavement Entertainment

Release Date:

  • 02/02/2017





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