September 19, 2018
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GYD3 - Exodus EP

DJ Elm St & Ghost Da Serpent

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Every five years or so a new rap fad comes along and completely takes over the game. Rap has gone through many transitions and changes, but none have been even half as bad or annoying as the current fad that almost every rapper in the world, who has no style of their own, is now copying. You know what I’m talking about. The super generic and interchangeable trap beats, the drunken slow motion mumble verses and of course the repetitive and obnoxious use of non word lyrics. But hey, millions of people can’t all be wrong, right? I’m not making millions of dollars with my rap style. So it’s obvious that there IS an audience for this type of music, I just don’t think Juggalos are the primary target here.

After listening to GYD3 Exodus EP a couple times in preparing for this review I’m 100% sure I will never listen to it again. All of the songs start pretty much the same with Ghost Da Serpent mumbling about something that I’m sure has some relevance to the song but I just can not understand him. All the beats on this EP could easily be interchanged with one another and it wouldn’t have any effect on the over all quality of any of the songs. The beats are just so generic. It’s a lot of that straight-from-YouTube-trap-crap (most with producer tags) that we’ve all heard way too much of already. The only reason this should be acceptable on something presented as an official EP and not a mix tape would be if the bars were fire. Sadly they are not.

Now, I’m not from the south but I do understand that there is a lot of pride in certain aspects of southern culture. Things like food, religion and………….music. But when the hell did mumbling incoherently over a beat become something to be proud of? I just don’t get it fam. I feel like Ghost Da Serpent has a mostly positive message he’s trying to share. A lot of bible references and god praising can be found here if that’s your thing. The main problem here is execution. Almost all of the songs have different levels of production quality and throughout the entire EP I found myself wondering, “Is his jaw wired shut or is he drunk?”

Now, I love that art is subjective and that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure but GYD3 Exodus is not this man’s treasure by any stretch of the imagination. Like I said, I listened to this thing front to back 4 times and I just can’t get into it. With every slow motion lyric that goes by the only enjoyment I found was a small pinch of pride when I was able to correctly identify what the hell the guy was actually saying. And when I could understand the words it still didn’t make much intelligent sense.

I give GYD3 Exodus EP a hard pass.

Track List:

  1. Psalms
  2. Karma (Remix)
  3. Amazing
  4. Joy
  5. The Good Sheppard
  6. Angels
  7. Stairway To Heaven


  • 21 Minutes

Record Label:

  • Elm St. Productions

Release Date:

  • 03/17/2017





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