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Burt Blaze

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As I always say, I can’t really rate an intro. It may seem a bit odd, but I find that rating it with the same scoring, as a full track just doesn’t feel right. While that statement is true for a majority of album intros, it certainly doesn’t apply for Burt Blaze. While this track is only a minute and a half, it doesn’t stop him from for delivering some fire (bad pun intended) and letting us know what to expect. That’s right, this intro is getting a proper score. So, with a pulse pounding beat and Blaze’s amazing flow, it really gives you a taste of the album that follows. As intro tracks go, damn I’m impressed. 4.5/5

As the album really gets into gear, “Mr. Hyde” comes in with a melodic, yet haunting beat. Burt Blaze flies into motion and lands with a nearly flawless flow that hits you right in the face. Literally after you this, you will wonder how you haven’t heard of him before. The hook resonates the change from Dr. Jekyll to the maniacal Mr. Hyde and definitely adds to the overall vibe of the track. 4.5/5

When “Bone Collector” comes on the beat pounds the bass and gives Burt a chance to show off some great chopper like skills. His vocals definitely pick up speed, but before it becomes too much he delivers a wonderfully simplistic hook. Don’t take that as a knock against it, because it is actually a perfect fit for this track as it gives a nice change of pace. In all honesty, he actually does slow his flow down, but not for long. It seems he has learned how to interchange his speeds and still keep it in time with the beat. When the vocals do change pace, they slide seamlessly between each other and create an amazing balance. 4.5/5

“Two Demons” starts off slowly and Burt Blaze comes in at a significantly slower pace to match this, which is a nice change. This doesn’t last long, as he quickly picks things up and flies lightening fast. The hook comes back with that slow pace and fits wonderfully to give that much needed change of pace. Again, it seems that he definitely knows how to compose a track properly. The flow sounds a bit off at first, but improves with every verse. 3.5/5

As the next track starts, you see the name, but it doesn’t take long before you realize why it’s called “Ding A Ling.” The opening lines definitely set you up for what this song is about, but I think we already knew when we saw the name of the track itself. After the opening lines, we get a slow beat that brings a nice change of pace. I don’t think I need to elaborate on the lyrical content, but I must say that Burt Blaze gives some clever sexual lyrics. Honestly, some of this had me laughing. His flow is much slower and mirrors the feeling of the beat, which fits perfectly for this type of track. 4/5

“Vultures,” kicks off with a nice guitar riff that lines the entire track and brings an extra element to the overall beat. The hook on this track is almost hauntingly done and it may literally be my favorite on the entire album. Burt’s flow switches smoothly between melodic and a fast, furious pace. He even inserts a nice shot at Wendy Williams. This track kept my head nodding along the whole time and was so enjoyable that it seemed to end so quickly, but it’s actually over four minutes long. This isn’t a diss on this track, because they always say time flies when your having fun and that’s exactly what this track is… fun. I loved every second of this one. 5/5

The opening lines of, “Panic Room,” are chilling and are a wonderful segue into the track itself. The beat is hypnotizing as it slowly builds until Burt comes in swinging lyrics hard, but matching the same tone as the beat. The track focuses on the healing powers of creating music and how it can help all of the pain melt away, if only for a short time. It’s a beautiful way of looking at music and how the studio booth can shut everything else out like a panic room. Though I don’t create music myself, it’s definitely something I can relate to, as music can always be a great escape from the harsh reality of the world around us. I absolutely love this track and can’t say enough about how well it puts things into perspective. 5/5

“Dying is Not an Option,” has a beat that builds nicely and Burt once again drives it forward with his furious flow. This is another example of his ability to perfectly craft a track and make me question how I haven’t heard his music before. The theme here is clear; no matter what you can never quit and must keep pushing forward. The hook is solid and keeps with the pace of the rest of the track as well. Overall this is a solid track that hits hard, from the beat to the lyrical content. 4.5/5

After such a hard-hitting track it’s nice to switch things up again with a more laid back beat and thankfully that’s exactly what “Reaching Out” gives us. Burt Blaze comes in with a more relaxed flow, which rides along smoothly. This track is actually a very personal and heart felt tale of his life. This seems to be another track where things gain traction and become better with each verse. The hook may be the most in depth and lyrically sound of the entire album. I know I’ve mentioned a few tracks as possibly being my favorites, but this one touches a special place in my heart. Whether it’s the love for his wife or his kids, I relate way too much to this song and can’t get out of my head. At this point I can’t count how many times I’ve played this track, I just absolutely love it. 5/5

“Sue Me” comes in fast with a pulse pounding beat and a head nodding flow from Burt Blaze. This is essentially a track about not caring whether or not people get into your music and those who talk down about his career. Literally telling those haters that if you don’t like me or how I portray myself, “bitch you can sue me.” Though it is one of the shortest tracks on the album it certainly gets the point across and does so with a great overall quality. 4/5

The next track, “Stomp,” kicks off with the hook, which is basically a rally cry to bring an army together for those of us that don’t find ourselves in the best situations in life. Burt Blaze delivers another solid track that anyone who has ever struggled can relate to. It’s nice to see another track that touches on the true hustle required to push through this thing we call life. This is a solid entry that reaches out to those of us that know the true hardship of working our asses off and still not being able to afford the simple necessities of life. 4/5

The last track, aptly named “Done,” is a call out to the state of the rap music scene. The beat is slow, but Burt carries things along at a nice pace and though this may be the shortest track on the release it fits as a way of closing out the album itself. While this track doesn’t stand out as some of the others have it still manages to bring everything together and closes the album with a solid message. It may actually make you think that he is completely over everything in this rap game, but his next release certainly proves that to be false. 3.5/5

OVERALL: Burt Blaze’s “Wildfires” is a brilliantly composed album that showcases the true talent of the Underground. I’ve said before, but it’s definitely worth saying again, how did I not hear about this until now. It seriously baffles my mind that someone this talented is still flying below most people’s radar. If you aren’t listening to this or don’t have any of his albums, get on it now. This is not an artist to be slept on and this album is a clear reason why. Tracks span the gamut of emotions and there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy. 4/5

Before I go, be sure to check out my Underground spotlight interview with Burt Blaze by clicking this link. Also, be on the lookout for my upcoming review of his most recent release Hellfires. As a preview I’ll just say that if you like this album, I can promise you will not be disappointed in his latest work.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Reaching Out
  2. Panic Room
  3. Vultures

Release Date:

  • 01/12/2016




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