September 20, 2020
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Live Urban Sexx Tribe (LUST) – “The LUST EP”

This incredibly unique, hi energy, funky hard rock band blew up the LA scene and had a development deal with Warner Bros thru BCP productions in1994. The musicianship, high energy and incredible stage performance of the band was incredible. They hit the L.A. circuit with their own unique funky, heavy, hip hop, rock blend at the end of the heavy metal era and the beginning of the grunge era. They developed a massive fan base and frequently sold out LA clubs including the Troubadour.

They were given mass appraise by club owners and industry insiders and were projected to go straight to the top. They recorded their debut album at Westlake Studios with Producer Brian Christian. Then suddenly in 1995 the Singer broke up the band to start a new band called Hed PE. Many people think L.U.S.T. would have been a massive success. It’s a travesty that they couldn’t make it one more year to see the release of their album.

  1. Going Down
  2. I Got A Gun
  3. Why Do They Do
  4. She Makes It Hurt
  5. Figure Me Out
  6. Funky Whore (Shut Up & Dance)

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