May 22, 2019
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Dark Half Presents A Cult Shit Christmas 4

Damien Quinn, Cult Activity, SCUM, Statik G,

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Dark Half presents… “A Cult Shit Christmas” 4 Featuring BRAND-NEW tracks from LSP’s own Damien Quinn, Cult Activity, SCUM and Statik G!! This EP was mixed and mastered by Damien Quinn of Dark Half & Cult Activity, except for “Santa’s Coming” which was mixed by SCUM and “Bad Santa” which was mixed by Statik G!!

Track Listing:

01. Dabs For Christmas (Damien Quinn)

02. A Night To Dismember (Cult Activity)

03. Santa’s Coming (SCUM)

04. Bad Santa (Statik G)

05. A Christmas Card For The Cult Crew


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