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Mission: Infect "Chemical Threats" Phase 3 and Phase 4

Mission: Infect

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The underground hip-hop scene is rejoicing worldwide due to the simple fact Mission Infect is back and better than ever! The last time Mission Infect released a full length LP before Chemical Threats Phase 3 and 4 dropped recently was the 2009 Halloween LP “Asphyxiation”, over seven years ago! And it’s been over ten years since the original Chemical Threats Phase 1 and 2 dropped. Crazy how time flies, but it’s better late than never and the Mission Infect soldiers wouldn’t have it any other way! Here is Faygoluvers.net’s five essential tracks from Mission Infect Chemical Threats Phase 3 and 4. These five tracks are guaranteed to wake the dead and serve as the official soundtrack for the Earth’s Apocalypse, coming soon!

P.S. There are more bangers within these releases, so don’t sleep on any of them! These are just what we think are essential for first time listeners.

1. (From Chemical Threats Phase 4) “Time To Die” featuring Tha Wikid One, Dubbs, and Grewsum

Dubbs and Grewsum bring forth an addictive chorus that will indubitably have first time listeners repeating the track for hours upon hours while bobbing their heads until their necks snap, thanks to how powerful and catchy both their voices are.  They successfully deliver a flawless hook over acoustic Latin guitar. But a certain Arizona emcee adds even more strength to the track and that’s Tha Wikid One. Holy shit! His verse kicks off the track and slays the beat like Marvel Comics Blade slashing through Dracula’s chest and instantaneously killing the vampire king. Yes, that’s how raw Wikid One drops his verse within this soon-to-be murder rap classic! This what real wicket shit is supposed to sound like; catchy yet brutal enough to crack your rib cage upon hitting play!

2. (From Chemical Threats Phase 3) “Big Bad Wolf” featuring Malaria, Madd Maxxx, and Green Vilin

“Big Bad Wolf” showcases the proof of why Malaria, Madd Maxxx, and Green Vilin need to do a full length LP together! Each emcee slaughters the beat like Ash of Evil Dead killing an army of Deadites. Malaria is rapping for the “sick kids with no reason to live” and demonstrates that his rap skills will cut through wack emcees, like a katana samurai sword cutting  through a Ninja Turtle Foot Clan Solider. Madd Maxxx’s delivery is guaranteed to start riots like Rick and Morty fans over Szechuan packets, while Green Vilin’s emcee skills will have mumble rappers bursting into flames upon hearing his furious fire flow! Nuff said!

3. (From Chemical Threats Phase 3) “Anthem” featuring Grewsum, Durte, Lo Key, and Badluck

Listeners beware: This is the type of track to throw crazy house parties to while moshing through the walls of your home or whoever’s home it is! DurtE makes this track shine brighter than a thousand suns due to his formidable influential singing, so you bet your ass you’ll have to be wearing fifteen different shades of sun glasses when the hook kicks in! The flows from Grewsum, Lo Key, and Badluck ride in on the beat like the Three Musketeers to stop the injustices of hip-hop from destroying the genre as whole. Warning each verse from each emcee is pure fire, your headphones might melt!

4. (From Chemical Threats Phase 4) “Room Wreckaz” featuring Lo Key, Malaria, and Green Vilin

This banger is pure insanity at its finest! Might be a silly one, but the flows present ain’t nothing to fuck with! Fast, hilariously lyrical, and the hook promises to stay inside your mind until death creeps on you! Lo Key, Malaria, and Green Vilin need to do a video for this one, along with a sequel track!

5. (From Chemical Threats Phase 4) “Let It Go” featuring Zero, Saint Sinna, Lo Key and Mumm Ra

This track is bound to hit anyone who listens right in the feels! Each artist brings forth personal bars, as if each emcee were letting go of all of their daily personal stress inside a single track. Their feelings must’ve effortlessly flowed onto their lyrical notepads. The beat is chilled out…so chilled out in fact that listeners will more than likely feel their own blood pressure drop! Another track that deserves a video for sure!

Record Label:

  • Loke Records

Release Date:

  • 12/31/2017





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