June 16, 2019
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Cat Dead, Details Later

Darby O'Trill

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Download here: https://darbyotrill.bandcamp.com/album/cat-dead-details-later

  1. I Can See The Wind But I Cannot Feel It
  2. Master Shake Stole My Car Keys
  3. I Found Maggotz In The Lunch Meat Again
  4. Millenials Learned How To Love From MTV Reality Shows
  5. No One Wants To Be My Friend Because I Am A Juggalo
  6. Street Sharks And Cookie Crisps On a Saturday Morning
  7. Feed A Bitch A Bricc
  8. Klungo Couldn’t Save The Day
  9. Sorry I Smoked Your Last Cigarette
  10. A Sense Of Excitement Doesn’t Make Up For Lacc Of Happiness



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