September 19, 2018
70 Guests and 3 Members Online Goes LIVE at 7pm, EST (Promo Video Released)

I’m freeeeeaaakkkinggg outtttt, maaaaaan!

Muthafuckin’ Whoopstock in this bitch! The Gathering of the Juggalos website is about to go LIVE tonight March 1st at 7pm EST!

Tickets, ballas passes, car passes, and mad flavor for ya asses will be available!

Here’s the scoop of whoop straight from


TONIGHT AT 7PM! The time has arisen for the stars to align and reunite the lost Juggalo tribe in our great annual homecoming, as we have traversed as a Family through trials, along winding roads, hailing from branches of the world far and wide. The great love and kinship of the Juggalo Family will prevail as Clown Love reigns supreme and peace is restored to our great nation in a time of laughter, music, love, and Faygo! Let the celebration ensue! Welcome to WHOOPSTOCK! At 7pm, March 1st, the 19th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos website goes live and tickets and passes will be available. Get ready, Family! We can’t wait to see you ALL–each and every one of us. WE GOIN’ HOME! Legend Valleeeeeyyyy!

FRESH! In addition to the writeup, the website also released this video, which…to be honest…yo…had this chick over here cryin like a lil sofy baby biyyyyootch. It’s Whoopstock y’all…we going HOME!

Get Your Tickets and Passes Tonight at 7PM! WHOOOP WHOOOOP!



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  1. Cherryfuzz


    Comment posted on Thursday, March 1st, 2018 03:03 pm GMT -5 at 3:03 pm

    Whoaa GOTJta love those legend valley vibrations maaan… tripstock poop sock carny corn butthole village dude * chugs huge bottle of DXM *

  2. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2018 02:29 am GMT -5 at 2:29 am

    that video was fucking fresh, pushing the guy out the wheelchair haha

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