July 20, 2018
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Brain Ritalin Mixtape


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A fascinating, mentality simulating compilation of authentic familiarity from the frame of reference of a bonafide genius. Furnished with an urban wit that’s: pro the pursuit of happiness, knowledge, liberty, and financial well-being for individuals irrespective of their race, creed, origin, religion, sexual orientation, or political views!

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/karimelamin/sets/brain-ritalin-mixtape

  1. Brain Ritalin
  2. Karim Interview (Jalalabad)
  3. Keep It Real Homie
  4. Something Gotta Give
  5. Bitch I’m Busy
  6. Bull on the Horn
  7. Yes I Guess
  8. Cook Up
  9. Sextape
  10. Grandma
  11. Show Me It’s Real
  12. Trayvon and Mike



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