July 17, 2019
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DCG Con 2018 Prize Plaques Revealed!

Juggalos and Juggalettes who are Denver-bound for this year’s Dark Carnival Games con….do you have what it takes to win one of dozens of prizes available?  Are you a guru at Texas Hold ’em?  A master at Into the Echoside? A quest legend at Morton’s List?  Well this is the event where you can prove how epic you truly are!  There are some extremely fresh prizes available at ALL of the events, but these plaques may be among the most coveted of them all! Check them out along with the description below.

From ICP’s Facebook:

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Want Honor? Respect? Power? Prestige? All the glory will be unleashed upon the Grand Champions, those who emerge victorious from the battle of all battles. Family against Family. Juggalo against Juggalo. Morton’s List. Into the Echoside. Quest for Shangri-La. Juggalos Against Sanity. Juggalo Texas Hold’em. Who will be crowned World Champion at the DCG Con 2018? We present to you, ninjas and ninjettes, this year’s DCG Con World Champion gold plaques! It’s going down May 11th to 13th in the Mile HIGH city at the one and only DCG CON 2018! #JuggaloLegends



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