July 20, 2018
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Skeddy J Presents: "April Fools Die (The Return Of Kronick Murder)"

Kronick Murder

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Download Here: https://audiomack.com/album/sicckybsm859/april-fools-die-the-return-of-kronick-murder

  1. Y SOS ERIEE US (intro)
  2. So Hi (skit)
  3. Play A Game (ft. Grimm)
  4. Gotta Kill Em!
  5. Lose Controll (ft. Dj Karnage)
  6. 2132009
  7. Tha Dead 1 (ICP Cover)
  8. MyAddictioN (skit)
  9. Supaa Stahhh
  10. April Fools Die (Theme Song)
  11. Play A Game pt. II
  12. Sicc’s When I Stab Remix (ft. Deadhed Da Zombie)
  13. Chick N PickinZ
  14. Psychopathic (ICP Cover)
  15. Skeddy Cum 4 U
  16. Skeddy Aint Missin (outro)
  17. AlilXtraScarypiZzAHorra4YaA



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