January 21, 2019
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Attack Of The Ninjas News on Tonight’s episode of “The Hookup” (aka The Dustin Show)!

In just a few short hours from the time I’m typing this, the latest episode of The Hookup will be airing on the MNE Facebook Page!

At 6 PM EST, our big homie Dustin will also return to the airwaves, and that’s reason enough to tune in!  What will be the primary topic of discussion?  This year’s Attack Of The Ninjas, of course!

Where will it be?  What dates should you ask off for vacation?  Who will be performing?  You can find out all that and more on The Hookup!

To view it live, hit up this link after 6 PM EST: https://www.facebook.com/majikninjaentertainment/

(We’ll make sure to update the link as soon as the show starts!)



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