April 21, 2019
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Chad Carsten of Faygoluvers interviews The Nomadz (Chucky Chuck of DGAF, The DRP, & Insane Poetry) [Editorial]


I told this story before in another article, but I found a ton of fresh artists and underground movements because of this moment.  I was in line for Hallowicked 2007 in Detroit to see Insane Clown Posse for the first time. I witnessed damn near thirty Juggalos surround a blonde female police officer while chanting, “LET HIM GO!” because the officer tried to arrest the wrong Juggalo who accidentally hit a state police car and that’s thanks to an unknown  individual who skyrocketed a Moon Mist Faygo bottle in the air and it unexpectedly collided at the front of a state police car. And during all the chaos that’s when a person wearing a killer clown mask handed me a Long Range Distribution compilation titled “Got That Murdercore?” It had a ton of underground artists on it that ranged from Q-Strange, The Dayton Family, Kardiac, Grewsum, Intrinzik, and even Mr. Freeze! I had never heard any of these artist prior to this.  I remember getting home damn near  5 a.m. after the show ended and popping in the disc right away. Insane Poetry’s “Murderland” kicked off disc one of the compilation and my mind was instantaneously blown back as if a musical hip-hop shotgun blew my brain into little tiny particles by something wicked fresh and my cerebral matter couldn’t handle the dopeness pouring out of my vintage Pioneer HPM900 speakers. Insane Poetry’s abundant creative lyrical ability will forever stand the test of time within the hip-hop world. Any fan of the wicket shit needs to bump Insane Poety’s debut “How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho?” in their life. Pop that record in after reading this article! Trust me! It is essential listening for better understanding the history  behind horror meshing with hip-hop so brilliantly.

Now I am a “Nu-Metal” kid.  Primer 55, Linkin Park, Static-X,  Coal Chamber, Trust Company, Reveille, Project Wyze, were my bands of choice during middle-school and high-school.  In 2008 when news broke out across the rock/metal community worldwide (thanks to Blabbermouth.net) that Primer 55’s new vocalist was a punk rocker emcee by the stage name “The DRP” became super intrigued. I hadn’t heard anything by Primer 55 in nearly a decade at that point, but when The DRP became the new Primer 55 frontman, it gave the band a much needed breath of fresh air to continue. The punk rock attitude The DRP brought forth inside Primer 55 for over two years was thrilling and helped resuscitate the nu-metal genre by exploring new styles off riffage and combining fast aggressive hip-hop punk flavor. It was a genius move that should’ve lasted a lot longer. But things happen for a reason of course. After The DRP left the band I tried my best to keep track of what the emcee was up to and that’s when Mars (Bay Area, not Chicago!) announced that he was dropping a single with The DRP titled “Kill Em All”. When I finally heard the track I was in utter shock at how great the track turned out to be and  that’s when I acknowledged the fact the Wicked Wisconsin emcee was fine as a solo artist and was destined to do significant things on the mic!

Fall 2009 is when I first rented my own place with my name of the lease in Laurel, Montana (near Billings) I was beyond stoked and proud! I was jumping around my room in excitement from accomplishing leaving my home city and going out on my own.   DGAF’s self-titled debut was the main soundtrack all day the day I was officially moved into a house on the Colorado block of Laurel. Of course I was familiar with Saint Dog prior to DGAF, but Chucky Chuck stood out to me the most. His honest “GIVES NO FUCKS” attitude towards the rap game is what caught my attention towards  him as an emcee. Chucky’s west-coast ska-punk-hop rhyme structure gave DGAF major strength as a group and proved that Chucky Chuck does indeed have raw lyrical talent to demolish new-age faux rappers and the necessary hip-hop skills to pay the bills. He’s a golden age lyrical hip-hop lyrical savage that the underground is proud to be able to listen to on full blast daily!

Insane Poetry, The DRP, and Chucky Chuck joining together as a group to form The Nomadz is precisely what the underground hip-hop genre needed to keep the scene far, far, away from staleness. The Nomadz lyrical content is keeping hip-hop alive and breathing with their raw original ruggedness because of how each artists delivers their own unique ruggedness to the table. Their debut record is bound to grab hip-hop fans by their musical souls and take them to a time warp (Bill & Ted style) back to the golden age era of hip-hop when spitting rhymes on the mic was brand  spankin’new; a time when bullshit politicians strongly feared the genre and tried to ban it from existing through police brutality. Dive into this in-depth FLH exclusive interview below and learn why The Nomadz self-titled debut record came about and why this supergroup forming is going to become legendary status within the underground for years to come!







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    Comment posted on Thursday, May 24th, 2018 03:56 am GMT -5 at 3:56 am

    Does anybody know all the features on the last track of the album? I only recognized Mars.

  2. SNAPZ


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    Wasteland is my favorite track

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