January 21, 2019
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Never So Deep Records Teams Up with Lex The Hex Master for “Death Merchants: Part 2”

Our homie Lex The Hex Master announced some flavor over the weekend that you should be hype about!   Never So Deep Records artists Pull The Fuckin’ Trigger just released a track off of their new album called “Death Merchants: Part 2”.  The track features Lex The Hex Master, along with Jinx and Danny.

Is this just a one-time collab? Or could we possibly hear more from Never So Deep and Lex The Hex?  Check the track description and listen to it for free below.

From PullTheFuckinTrigger.com:

With the release of the labels Summer Underground banger “Death Merchants” there is no turning back, the slaughter is on. This heat seeking Missile is a “Pull The Fuckin Trigger” release (Sutter Kain, Donnie Darko, & Apollo Valdes) with features from Lex The Hex Master ( Majik Ninja) and West Coast hitters Jinx ( Compton ) & Danny ( LBC). This record is a DJ Bless production so you know what to expect it’s Ghetto Metal Certified.

“Ghetto Metal” is Gangsta Rap on steroids. It’s like being sentenced to Rikers Island for a thousand fuckin years-Dangerous!!!

You can listen to the song in its entirety here:



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