August 21, 2018
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The Juggalo Show – DCG Con 2018 Recap! [Video and Notes Inside]

Tonight’s episode of The Juggalo Show was an extremely special edition in that they spoke all about the happenings of DCG Con 2018 which took place this past weekend in Denver, Colorado!

Unfortunately, at least initially, the con got thrown one too many bones, and had to be shut down.  But in true Juggalo fashion, we prevailed, and DCG Con was one of the best and most fun events that those who attended have ever experienced!

As of right now, the show is available for replay! You can see that here:

Now, with the help of my homie Jimmy, I have a quick breakdown of the show:

DCG Con Episode of The Juggalo Show

  • Rob, Rudy, KG, Rachel, Lewis, Kegan, Carlito were all on the show tonight.
  • Walking into the hotel…seeing how nice it was.  Were we in the right place?
  • Trish = unsung hero…everything you see at the con!  Totally schooled it!
  • Kegan shares a story about trying to get a sneak peak at the con before it opened and Rob refused to let him in. Wanted Kegan to see it for the first time like everyone else.
  • Rob’s favorite day 1 moment – seeing Kegan school it onstage
  • Lewis fave moment – watching Juggalos play Echoside
  •  KG’s fave moment – seeing all the Juggalos
  • Carlito fave moment – the casino, Sorry,  and mostly the concerts
  • Everyone agrees Shaggy’s set was magical
  • Rudy’s fave moment – walking into the con and seeing everything
  • Rudy shares a story about playing roulette
  • Rob says he felt content, which is rare
  • Rachel’s favorite moment – seeing all the creations. The art contest, Sewerside making herpes dice
  • Discussion about the backyard wrestling tournament and most played characters
  • Wednesday – Rolled 30 sided die and it landed on 1, and wobbled around until it shifted back to 17

The trouble started:

  • Young ninja got beat with rocks and a skateboard the day before the con started. It was his first event.
  • Crowne Plaza suits came up to Rob and Rachel and said that if one more incident happened, the event would be shut down
  • Immediately after, a fight broke out in front of the bounce house
  • Billy called Rob back to come up with a plan for the con to continue.
  • DCG Con did NOT make the call to cancel the convention (as the letter stated). That was Crowne Plaza’s call, 100%
  • During Shaggy’s set, more incidents happened, and hotel security called it off by slipping a note under the door at 5 AM
  • Running DCG Con this year was financially a catastrophic failure due to the cancellation.
  • Props to Scum/LSP for opening up the Roxy last minute to hold the 2nd DCG Con concert


  • Jumpsteady has heard a lot of Juggalos say that they were sad about this because Juggalos were warring with Juggalos. It’s heartbreaking.
  • Jumpsteady called all crews and talked to everyone involved. They all didn’t think it was going to go to that level, and all have apologized for the con getting shut down.
  • Jumpsteady has no hatred or anger towards them.
  • Jumpsteady wants everyone to just let things go, instead of people retaliating.


  • Internet trolling. Social media allows people to have a louder voice than back in the day.
  • The worst thing you can do to Psychopathic is to stop talking about them. But when you’re shouting about it every day, all you’re doing is keeping their name alive.
  • Jumpsteady said there needs to be peace.
  • He says don’t worry about standing up for Psychopathic…they’re fine. Don’t let the haters voices have power.
  • Kegan says change comes from the top.
  • ROC reached out to Kegan saying that he would do everything he could to help and that he was saddened to hear about the con.
  • Good opportunity for Juggalos across the board to take a look at themselves and better us.


  • At 5 AM after the letter was distributed, Louis and a huge crew got together to put on tournaments in the atrium and in hotel rooms.
  • After tearing down on Saturday, Juggalos pulled together to donate goods for prizes left and right. It was a beautiful thing!
  • Fowlerama was happening outside, Echoside and Shangri-La happening inside, everyone just came together. The original room was fresh, but even after it was taken away, we STILL made it fresh as fuck!
  • Much props to Andy Sherman for schooling the gaming
  • One juggalo told Rob that after multiple concerts and 11 gatherings, this is the best event they’ve ever experienced.
  • Shout out to Morton’s List crew who took over the whole hotel with quests.
  • Some Juggalos said overall it was the greatest event EVER!
  • Juggalo Yacht Club rented party bus to go back and forth to the Roxy! Much props to them!
  • Saturday Night Concert – Mac Sabbath KILLED IT!  Props to Heather Marrs and Z for the stage props on ICP’s set!


  • Sunday night Jumpsteady had to roll out and leave and they were a little bummed, but at least ninjas got to see one full day of it.
  • Rob got to play ONE game of Echoside with the Oracle expansion pack, and ended up winning.
  • #ForJuggalosByJuggalos

If you weren’t there to experience the con, you have no idea the magic that was felt throughout the entire weekend!  I stand by Jumpsteady’s sentiments in hopes that all of the beefs will be squashed so we can make everything fun and exciting again, without there being tension in the air!  I’m hoping to have a write-up of the event soon!



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