August 21, 2018
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Underground hip-hop vet Menacide set to release new never before heard single with Proof of D-12!

This is shockingly great news and I’m sure a ton of you will be wondering why Eminem isn’t the one releasing  never before heard Proof (RIP) content. But this great news  should cause a joy of uproar within the hip-hop community world-wide!  Michigan’s Menacide has been creating rap classics since 1993 and tonight the  Murder Mitten veteran emcee just stated across Social Media that he will be releasing a never before heard track between him and  Proof  of Detroit’s D-12! The two mic masters had a fantastic friendship and worked various times together on music. The untitled track between the two Michigan hip-hop elites is being produced by professional producer BAD MiND of Bank Hard Beats! D-12 and Shady Records fans who’ve patiently waited all these years for a Proof verse to unexpectedly emerge from the Detroit rap vaults are in for one hell of an underground jaw-dropping hip-hop sensation because Menacide only puts out high-quality pure raw hip-hop bangers! And that reason alone is to believe that Big Proof has a hidden hot 16 to melt your speakers and mind to. Plus,  BAD MiND never disappoints when it comes to original production. He has the skills to rock any style! The quote alone from Mencaide is musically touching and inspiring. After fully reading it, it’s safe to say the track is in good hands and is bound to become a classic street banger!


Full quote from Menacide below

“As many of you know, I worked in the studio in person with Big Proof back in the day. He was the coolest cat I’ve ever met in this music game. He treated me like family, gave me stuff to drink and smoke in the studio while we worked on our song.. AND.. Even took me over to 54 sound an introduced me to Eminem. Incredible dude. My heart was truly broke when I got the call that he died. The song we did together makes me proud to this very day.

A few years ago, I started talking with a producer who worked closely with Proof. He not only produced Proof, but was also a close friend of his, too. This producer shall remain nameless. He’s also a great friend of mine, too, and someone I’m proud to call a genuine homey.

Anyhow.. He and Proof recorded some stuff together that never seen the light of day. I tried talking the producer into putting it out, but he made Proof a promise that if anything ever happened to him that Marshall (Em) would get those songs. Thing is, Em didn’t want those songs. He can’t bump Proof’s music the way you or I can. Just breaks his heart, and therefore he passed on the songs – didn’t want them.

Finally, about 7 months or so ago, I was successful in convincing this producer that I could make something special happen with one of the tracks that Proof left behind, since he and I had an awesome chemistry together in the studio. After YEARS of bugging the shit out of this producer, he finally agreed that I would do the track justice and handed me over the session.

What an AMAZING feeling it was to hear Proof’s vocals on a song again – stuff that not a single soul other than the producer and myself had heard. It brought genuine tears to my eyes to hear Proof’s vocals isolated again in the session.

Point is.. And we’ve been holding back on making this announcement for quite some time now, but… Proof Of D12 will make a final return to the Menacide legacy as a guest on the next album (My Double CD currently in the works). Brand new, unheard Proof, never before released, alongside yours truly. The song is produced by the mighty Bad Mind (Keith Kosmopolis). It is slated to appear (most likely) on DIsc Two of my next album, which is still under wraps and in production.

Much love to all the fans. I figured this would make a lot of you happy to know that Big P will be rocking out with us again, one last final time, courtesy of close homies of mine from Detroit who had faith that it would be in the right hands.

Much Love,





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    Comment posted on Friday, May 18th, 2018 06:32 am GMT -5 at 6:32 am

    Damn, this was really tight. Glad to hear there’s still gems like this from Proof still around.

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