April 21, 2019
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IR8 - "Different Breed" feat. Intrinzik from UGH65 hosted by Lars [Audio Only]

Produced by: Stir Crazy
Mixed and Mastered by: Intrinzik


I was born in a different breed
Walking through the cemetery gates
I was set free
Livin and dyin
I’ve been to hell and back
Rejected by the devil
Then the reaper took my hand
Took me to higher level
Fuck this
Ima do it for me
All these motha fuckin haters
Really wanna succeed
There Watching me bleed
Tryna get inside of my head
But the power of the metal
Slowly waking the dead
I’m taking the beat
Shooting it deep inside of vines
I’m going insane
Dope is taking over my brain
I’m fuckin deranged
Cruising down the highway to Hell
Went off and paved my own lane
The devil never compelled
Im livin a rockstar life
No one can tell me to do it better
It’s my fuckin my birth right
Stepping deep outside of the box
It’s time to take hip hop and heavy metal
Now it’s time to Unite
Getting in your mind
Every time I start a rhyme
on the underground hustle
Now I’m doin it for Dime
Paying homage to a legend
While I’m deep inside my prime
Revolution is my name
I’ll fill the hole up in the sky
I’m walking the line
Now it’s time that I shine
Remember my name
As I’m taking what’s mine

Different Breed
You and I will never be the same
There’s no room for you in my lane
I’m a different breed
I live and breathe
This God Damn Electricity
Like screaming Intrinzik
Because by Demons I’m Driven
Give me some whiskey and weed
Some Black Sabbath and Slayer
I’ll take you to Planet Caravan
Not just on your record player (playa)
My BASS REX your speakers
Recpect me or get your sneakers
And Walk on home boy
From Alrosa Villa with your chrome boy
The drop of a Dime
A rock in his prime
Much fuckin’ love to my brother
Thank you for the good times
He as hollow as I alone
All that’s left is a super joint I don’t smoke
My flow is Phil Anselmo dope
My soul drags water man I’m broke
Take this love and this hate
Through the cemetery gates
You can take away my body but
Revolution is my name
I killed myself for you
I killed you for myself

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