April 21, 2019
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Menacide “Reign Supreme” Book One Track-listing & Pre-order Links

A little over a week ago  Murder Mitten emcee Menacide announced the pre-order date for Book One of his double LP, Reign Supreme.  Not long after the article was published, I received a mysterious email with the screen name Chaos3567. The subject matter being simply “hip-hop”. I thought it was in regards to someone wanting me to peep their music or just an artist simply wanting to network for a music project.  Well, it contained the entire track-listing with no proper written email. Just the tracklisting with the album title Reign Supreme, not even mentioning Menacide. Weird stuff happens when you’re a music journalist, but this was something so damn random.  I sat on the e-mail for a minute and decided to update the Menacide “Reign Supreme” Book One Pre-Order article by just casually letting readers know the track list may have been e-mailed to me and that FLH would further investigate. I wasn’t sure what to say to Menacide. I was a tad worried to be frankly honest. I know the dude is mad chill, but I didn’t want to upset him or somehow get caught up in some sort of hip-hop retaliation extravaganza moment. Leaking an artist’s stuff is wack.  But I gained the confidence to hit up Menacide personally and asked if the  track-listing contained within the e-mail was legit.   But all was good in the end. The track listing was indeed, legit! Proper track-listing order and everything. Menacide was just pleased at the fact the leak didn’t end up across social media and here we are now.

So here it is hip-hop enthusiasts! The official track-listing for Book One of  Menacide’s highly awaited double LP Reign Supreme!

Reign Supreme (Book One) Tracklist:

  1. niTRO
  2. Reign Supreme
  3. John Cena Shxt (Feat. Dubbs)
  4. No Dayz Off
  5. Classick (Feat. McNastee & Shawn Collins)
  6. Real MF’s
  7. Grind Hard (Feat. Don Orias)
  8. Have Mercy (Feat. Dubbs)
  9. Smokin’ Loud (Feat. Danny Drive By)
  10. I Love My Homies (Feat. J Reno)
  11. Arizona Sunshine (Feat. Emerg McVay)
  12. Like This (Feat. The Jokerr & McNastee)
  13. UFC (Feat. DurtE & McNastee)
  14. I Remember You (Feat. Shawn Larson)
  15. Walk On By (Feat. Dubbs & McNastee & ???)

Holy shit, fam! By looks of this pure fire track-listing, this album is straight up going to wake the hip-hop community up like electric shock therapy on Sunday morning before a balanced nutritional breakfast. But who is the mystery artist on the final track? Guess we’ll have to wait till the underground and beyond bumps it till the doors of our whips fall off. Get hype and  pe-order Book One of Reign Supreme, which is due out on September 7th, right here:




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