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The Demon Angel


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It has been 8 long years since the announcement of Myzery‘s studio album, The Demon Angel. After numerous setbacks, the newest album finally sees the light of day. In order to further promote the record, not only does the album proudly have the Psychopathic Records branding, it was also bundled together with the 20th anniversary of Myzery‘s debut EP from 1998, Para La Isla. Disc 1 contains Para La Isla, while disc 2 contains The Demon Angel.

DISC 1 (Para La Isla 20th Anniversary)
1. Intro
2. Para La Isla
3. Stimulated Dome
4. If I Ever Die
5. Luv Me or Leave Me Alone (feat. Nitemare)
6. Gambla
7. Stack It Up
8. Da Way We Live (feat. Shaggy 2 Dope/Nitemare)
9. Spanglish
10. Luv to Luv Ya
11. All I Know Is Pain Remix (feat. Nitemare)
12. If I Ever Die Remix
13. Witching Hour (feat. Insane Clown Posse)

DISC 2 (The Demon Angel)
1. Intro
2. My Passion
3. Internally Bleeding (feat. Madchild/Skitzo)
4. Going Crazy (feat. Freddie Foxxx)
5. Let Me Go (feat. Insane Clown Posse)
6. Like This
7. Knocking on Heaven’s Door (feat. Violent J)
8. I Remember (feat. Ralphie Mundo/Fuego Flamez)
9. Possessed By the Devil (feat. Insane Poetry/Bizarre)
10. Tired of Stressin’ (feat. Ralphie Mundo/Rob Mar/Nitemare)
11. 1000 Bodies
12. Don’t Make Me Angry
13. Outro (feat. Jumpsteady)

The overall rating and the main portion of this review is geared towards disc 1, The Demon Angel; however, disc 1 will be briefly touched upon for the sake of continuity. The 20th anniversary edition of Para La Isla is mainly aimed towards the hardcore Myzery fan, but newcomers will find interest in it as well. The five original tracks are on this, although they are mixed and matched throughout the album. To be brief, “Para La Isla” is a great opener, and is an easy introduction to Myzery. “Stimulated Dome” is a laid back classical piece of lyrical mastery. “Stack It Up” is a good banger track, and although not vastly unique, it’s still a good song. “If I Ever Die” is one of Myzery‘s finest moments, containing both strong lyrics and an awesome beat. “Witching Hour” is one of the darkest songs that Insane Clown Posse have appeared on, and both artists blend together perfectly.

Some tracks raise the question of why they were never released in the first place. “Da Way We Live” features both Shaggy 2 Dope and Nitemare. Myzery and Nitemare matches the beat perfectly, and might be the best outtake from the album. The lyrics in “Luv Me or Leave Me Alone” is a pile of determined pleas and is another good cut, enhanced by a guest spot from Nitemare. “Spanglish” is for the most part, something that would have fit on Para La Isla lyrically just fine, but the beat itself is almost a copycat of the title track. “Gambla” and “Luv to Luv Ya” clearly sounds like outtakes though, and have a sense of being rushed out the door. In addition, the two remixed tracks don’t fit on this compilation at all, and feels almost too modern to fit in. It’s also a tad upsetting that nothing from The 4 Faces era was included, since many of those tracks online are strong in their own right.

As stated, disc 1 is for the hardcore fan, or for someone that has never heard the original five tracks from Para La Isla. It’s also interesting to see how far Myzery has progressed throughout the years, as the proper full length album is just the next disc over.

The “Intro” is reused from his previous Heaven or Hell mixtape. This time, it segues easily into the first track, “My Passion”. “My Passion” has a soulful hook performed by Shane T., and is a prominent piece of this song. This track also borrows from an older Myzery joint, “Say My Name”. It’s a staple of Myzery‘s live sets, and usually the opener, so it’s fitting that this is the opener for the album.

It’s refreshing to see Myzery have consistent production on this album. In the past, that was always a breaking point. This time around, the strongest produced tracks have been selected, and it definitely shows. “Like This” is not only a standout due to the heavy production, it also matches Myzery‘s flow nicely. His timing with the beat is on point. “1000 Bodies” also has a solid beat, even though the story revolves around Myzery‘s perverted fantasies, and has him attempting to touch his horrorcore sexual side, which may not cater to a whole lot of people. “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” also has the most somber production on the album. The depressing piano throughout the verses accompanies the lyrics as an easy backdrop. Not only does Myzery as usual show his pain, Violent J makes a guest appearance, and his verse is filled with bleak hopelessness. It might be one of his strongest verses in recent memory. It should be noted that there is an alternative version of this song circulating online, without the unnecessary backup female vocals.

In regards to guest appearances, “Internally Bleeding” gets the nod for having a unique collaboration. In addition to Myzery‘s neutral shoutouts to his fellow artists, Skitzo also makes a strong showing, not failing to disappoint. Madchild is an odd write-in, and even though his part isn’t bad by any means, having him on the album sounds a bit out of place. The song also has maybe one of the best choruses on the album, with Myzery painting a self-gruesome picture.

“I Remember” features both Ralphie Mundo and Fuego Flamez, part of the Spanish Side family. The beat is bass heavy and has a good groove to it. Although Myzery matches the song just fine, it’s the other two that shine. Mundo holds himself well, and can stand with the rest in terms of his lyrical wordplay. Flamez also has an undeniably great verse, maybe one of the better appearances on the album. It’s a shame that he’s only featured on one track, as he has continued to show a lot of promise and talent. “Tired of Stressin'” is another track featuring various members of the Spanish Side; however, it’s not as noteworthy as the previous song, and is a rare low point for the album.

“Let Me Go” is a track featuring both Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Instantly, it sounds like it could have been featured on Insane Clown Posse‘s The Marvelous Missing Link; however, whether it be Lost or Found is a good question. Although uplifting isn’t the correct term for the beat, it is less gloomy than anticipated. On the contrary, the lyrics themselves are bleak, and point towards a sense of being lost; thus, maybe it could have ended up on either album. It’s still a good enough cut to make the tracklist for The Demon Angel, at least. Freddie Foxxx makes an appearance under his Bumpy Knuckles name on “Going Crazy”. Featuring Shane T. on the hook yet again, the track slows the pace a little bit, but with so many heavy hitters on the album, it’s a good decision overall. Another slightly slower song, “Possessed By the Devil” also has some good collaborations. The production has a dark atmosphere surrounding it, with an echo-heavy drum track and a haunting keyboard line driving the beat.

To close out the album, Myzery chose “Don’t Make Me Angry” as the final track. It’s one of his better tracks, with a hard-hitting two note punch in the hooks and electronica loops of impending doom during the verses to accompany Myzery‘s fueled rage. It’s a swift and quick finisher to the album. It’s followed by the “Outro” which features a spoken word by Jumpsteady, briefly explaining the concept of one’s demon, angel, and everything in between.

It should also be mentioned that the previously released track from this era “Welcome to My Hell” isn’t featured on the album. Although there were a handful of tracks left off, that one is worth looking into; regardless, these 8 long years created a lot of hype for The Demon Angel. Some feared that it would a huge letdown, while others brushed it aside as another dead project. Myzery proves them both wrong, and comes out with an extremely strong album. There are very few weak points on the album, and even so, they are vastly overshadowed by the positive aspects. This album is a successful banger, and those years of waiting have paid off.

Favorite Tracks:

  1. Don't Make Me Angry
  2. I Remember
  3. Like This
  4. My Passion
  5. Knocking on Heaven's Door


  • 91 Minutes 47 Seconds

Record Label:

  • Psychopathic Records

Release Date:

  • 07/18/2018





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