May 25, 2019
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Rekt Hearse – “Rigor Mortis”

You can pick up this album at or

Stream on Spotify here:

  1. Intro (ft. Beetle Tsk)
  2. Blood (ft. Beetle Tsk)
  3. W.A.F. (ft. Mr. Skull & S1ndrome667)
  4. Letter (ft. Kendrick Notsa)
  5. Kill Myself First (ft. Scratch Ldp & Modine)
  6. Issues (ft. Saint Ekkwall & Khaoz-D)
  7. Darkness Descending (ft. Killazdon’ttalk & Khaoz-D)
  8. Everything
  9. Outerlimitz (ft. Supah Smash Bros & Khaoz-D
  10. I Need You
  11. Meaning (ft. Hollow & S1ndrome667)
  12. Outro Messages




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