April 21, 2019
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Raw 16:16 Lost Scriptures

Aequitas, Politicize & Juztin Sane

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Underground talent at its finest, underrated rap artists Aequitas, Politicize and Juztin Sane come with raw and gritty aggressiveness in this action packed mixtape. Salvaged from a crashed computer, these underground classics compiled between 2016 and 2017 were almost lost forever. Get ready for some angry words of wisdom in these recovered Lost Scriptures!
  1. Last Action Hero (feat. Politicize & Juztin Sane)
  2. Abomination (feat. Politicize & Juztin Sane)
  3. Sign Me (feat. Politicize & Juztin Sane)
  4. Anger Rage (feat. Politicize & Juztin Sane)
  5. Dont Fit In (feat. Politicize & Juztin Sane)
  6. Guns & Money (feat. Politicize & Juztin Sane)
  7. Mayday (feat. Politicize & Juztin Sane)
  8. Raw (feat. Politicize)
  9. No Return (feat. Politicize & Juztin Sane)



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