September 15, 2019
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Australian Juggalette Killed while Helping Accident Victim

An Australian Juggalette named Emily Bartley was the victim of a tragic accident involving a motorcyclist and two separate incidents.  Emily stopped to help the motorcyclist who just wrecked after driving erratically, and was then struck by another car who unfortunately didn’t see her until it was too late.

Emily was the mother of two young children, and gave her life trying to save and protect someone who was dying on the side of the road.  It’s tragic for all parties involved, and I can’t imagine the grief her friends and family must be feeling.

You can read about the accident in the article below.


Good Samaritan mother-of-two, 27, run over and killed while trying to save a dying motorcyclist – as her family releases a heartbreaking statement

A Good Samaritan killed as she gave CPR to a dying motorcyclist has been remembered as a devoted mother of two young children.

Emily Bartley was struck by a car on a dimly-lit road in Wantirna, Melbourne, just after 10pm on Monday moments after she pulled over to help.

The 27-year-old died at the scene at the corner of Boronia Road and Amesbury Avenue, along with the victim, 37, she was trying to save.

She was on her way home from work at an aged care facility to her husband John Bartley, five-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter.

‘We are truly devastated to have lost our beautiful Emily. She was a loving wife and devoted mother,’ her family said in a statement.

‘She was a genuinely caring person right down to her line of work where she cared for dementia patients.

‘We are so very touched and thankful for all the personal messages and tributes and for the concern which has been shown for the wellbeing of our close family.’

Ms Bartley stopped after she witnessed a horrifying crash where a speeding motorbike ploughed into the side of an Audi as it tried to cross the intersection.

White powder was found on the rider after the collision.

Acting Detective Inspector Brad McArthur told 3AW Emily’s husband was ‘trying to take on board what’s happened’.

‘This is a life-changing event for him and he will never get over this. These children are now without a mother,’ he said.

‘The kids are early school age or not even school age, they’re going to have to live their life without a mother.’

The motorcyclist was known to police, and was in possession of white powder when he was killed.

Witnesses said it appeared Ms Bartley was trying to give the motorcycle rider CPR when she was struck and killed.

Detective Inspector McArthur said the motorcyclist was riding in an ‘irresponsible and reckless’ way.

He hit the Audi at such speed that the car ‘spun by about 180 degrees’, Detective Inspector McArthur said.

The 50-year-old Audi driver said he was shocked by how fast the motorcycle was going. Both the driver and his 47-year-old female passenger were uninjured.

The woman was hit by a Honda Prelude as she tried to help the dying motorcycle rider.

‘We have a person driving in an irresponsible and reckless manner cause a chain of events that led to his death and the death of person trying to help him,’ Detective Inspector McArthur said.

The 32-year-old Honda Prelude driver was also uninjured, and is assisting police with their inquiries.

One of the street lights near the scene of the crash was not working, and police the woman’s dark clothing may have caused the second collision.

Detectives from the major collision unit are investigating the two crashes.

Police toldNine News ‘all parties involved’ stopped to offer assistance.

Investigators remained at the scene on Tuesday morning to clear debris from the road.

Our most sincere of condolences go out to Emily and her friends and family.  Rest in Peace Juggalette.

Thanks to her homie Radam for bringing this to our attention.




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    Comment posted on Friday, September 28th, 2018 04:23 pm GMT -5 at 4:23 pm

    Oh my God man. That’s so horrible and she had children. Rip

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    There is no god.

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    I usually don’t comment on these types of posts, but that’s fucking terrible…. doing the right thing cost her children their mother…. dammit, man…..

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    fucking devastating, much much love to the family of yet another juggalo hero. RIP Emily

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    Damn that’s rough, RIP Juggalette Angel :(

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