July 21, 2019
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Insane Clown Posse adds 2nd Day to Big Ballas Xmas Party! Record Store Day Details Inside!

Juggalos and Juggalettes…I know that a lot of you felt like you got the bone with the Big Ballas Christmas Party Tickets sold out so quickly.  They were gone in less than an hour, and I was lucky enough to snag a pair.

Well, if you thought you were gonna get left out of that freshness, I have some GREAT news for you!  ICP just announced that they are adding a 2nd date to the Big Ballas Christmas At Our House!   Tickets will go on sale on Monday, November 26th at Noon EST, and this one will take place on Friday, December 21st!  Yes, the day BEFORE the original show (Saturday, 12/22).

When they posted this update, they also updated us about the vinyl records that will be available exclusively on Record Store Day at Rock of Ages!  For details about Ballas, Record Store day, and more, check the post below.


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Psychopathic Records celebrates Record Store Day this year with the oldest and running down with the clown stores in history….. Rock of Ages!

Come join us this Friday from 11am to 8pm at Rock of Ages located at 31015 Ford Road in Garden City Michigan. We’re bringing all kinds of fresh and rare merchandise at prices you’ll have to see to believe!

And it wouldn’t be Record Store Day with an exclusive Vinyl drop would it? So come to Rock of Ages this Friday to be the very first Juggalos to pick up the brand new Terror Wheel 12″ Vinyl. We’ll also have the complete Wax Series with us including the likes of Ringmaster, Hell’s Pit, F.T.F.O.M.F., Carnival of Carnage and more…….

If that wasn’t enough freshness to make your little panties moist…. We’ll also have physical copies of the very first single to drop from Fearless Fred Fury titled “WTF!”

So come see us this Friday starting at 11am at Rock of Ages in Garden City Michigan and maybe pick up your momma a little somethin somethin for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas….

Just when you thought you got Ho Ho Hoed out this year, and you’re weren’t gonna get shit from your favorite serial slaughtering wicked clowns….
ICP said FUCK THAT SHIT! No Juggalos get the bone and have to miss out on Christmas At Our House. We Just added a second day to that bitch! That’s right ninjas, it just wouldn’t feel like Christmas knowing how many Juggalos wanted to come and couldn’t get tickets. The second night will now take place on Friday December 21st. So Big Ballas A Christmas At Our House is now a 2 day holiday event.

Each night at A Christmas At Our House ICP will perform the same exact Unplugged Set. So for all the Juggalos who already bought tickets, don’t feel like you need to attend both nights or you’ll miss out any extra flavor. This second night is just a way to hook up the ninjas who couldn’t get tickets the first time around. And let’s not forget….. Although ICP will be performing a special live set, this is no concert by any means. This is just a casual office Christmas Party with all of your homies and the Psychopathic Family.

Also at A Christmas At Our House…. Since it’s in our own fucking warehouse, we’re putting together the largest display of ICP merchandise ever fuckin seen!!! I’m talking about a wall of merch so massive you’ll have to twist your neck around 360 degrees to witness the entire thing. We’re even constructing a special series of ropes and pulley systems to help raise Juggalos 100 feet into the air just so they can see the top row of t-shirts!!! I’m talking about Shirts, Hats, Hoodies, Jerseys, Posters, Stickers, CDs, DVDs, New Shit, Old Shit, so much shit you’ll shit your fucking pants once you see this massive wall of freshness.

Tickets will go on sale Monday the 26th at noon. Don’t miss out ninjas!!! This is your very last chance!!!



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