June 16, 2019
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Vibe Higher (Snow Tha Product, Castro Escobar, Lex The Great, AJ Hernz, Jandro) – “Vibe Higher”

Purchase or stream here: https://snow.fanlink.to/vibehigher

  1. Act Like You Know (feat. Castro Escobar)
  2. On Deck (feat. Snow Tha Product)
  3. Gimme Time (feat. Castro Escobar)
  4. Lie to Me (feat. Snow Tha Product)
  5. Faith (feat. Castro Escobar)
  6. Stressing (feat. Snow Tha Product, Jandro)
  7. Right Now (feat. Castro Escobar, Lex The Great)
  8. Talking Loud (feat. Snow Tha Product)
  9. Better Me (feat. Castro Escobar)
  10. For Real (feat. AJ Hernz)
  11. Get That (feat Castro Escobar, Lex The Great)
  12. Anyway (feat. Castro Escobar, Lex The Great)
  13. Background (feat. Castro Escobar, Lex the Great)
  14. Ride (feat. Castro Escobar)
  15. Dont Wait (feat. Castro Escobar, AJ Hernz)
  16. One More Time (feat. AJ Hernz)
  17. Rah Rah (feat. Snow Tha Product)

Listen to the album here:




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