July 21, 2019
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Two Fresh Big Ballas 2018 Reviews and a Disposable Camera Photo Gallery! See It All Here!

It’s been a few weeks since one of the most epic Juggalo events EVER has come and gone.  There were only a few hundred Juggalos who were lucky enough to experience it for themselves, but a few of those people were your homies from Faygoluvers!

I don’t know if you had a chance to check out my personal review, but I went through everything…every track they played, every story they told, scribbling notes down during the event so I could come back home and relay it to you ninjas! In case you missed it, here’s my review:

Scottie D’s Big Ballas 2018 Xmas Review (click to read!)

Not to be outdone, Cherry Bomb experienced the whole set as well, and since she and I weren’t always in the same places, she decided to put her thoughts together in another kick-ass review!  Hers is a little bit (half) shorter than mine, but she covers different events and experiences! Check it:

Cherry Bomb’s Big Ballas 2018 Xmas Review (click to read!)

And finally, we did purchase and go through several disposable cameras (the only cameras allowed!) at the Ballas extravaganza.  It took like 2 weeks to get them developed, but we have them uploaded in all of their grainy ass glory. If you prefer Facebook, here’s a link to those.  Otherwise, keep on scrolling and check it out direct from Faygoluvers.

Big Ballas at Psychopathic Records 12/22/18Disposable camera photos and cell phone photos (not allowed to bring a camera)Venue decoration photos by Will SiglerPlus Monstar after party photos by Cherry Bomb

Posted by Faygoluvers Heaven on Saturday, January 12, 2019

Check those out here:

We hope our reviews brought you even half the amount of joy that we got out of being there!  Much love!



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