July 19, 2019
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Faygoluvers Presents: Generation TWIZTID Chapter I (6) – 20 YRZ TWIZTID

It’s Tuesday night, and time to debut the next-to-last episode of the Generation TwiZtiD docu-series that our homie Brandon Ward put together!  Next week’s Chapter T (7) will conclude the series, going all the way to where Twiztid currently is in their careers!

This episode, Chapter I (6), covers the beginning of their post-Psychopathic era with A New Nightmare and The Darkness.  In this 50+ minute episode, we get to see footage from this era, the most recent performance of all 6 petals of Dark Lotus, a majority of the Wizard of the Hood set (courtesy of Bill Dozer), and more odds and ends!  Check out this chapter below:

To start this epic docuseries from the beginning, check out our Generation Twiztid Youtube Playlist!



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