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True Love Does Exist! An Inside Look Within Syn (Zug Izland) & Joy’s Wedding 4/13/19 (Editorial)

I awoke to a message one morning from Scottie D asking if I’d be interested in covering Syn of Zug Izland’s wedding in Orlando, Florida. I had just moved to the area, so I of course was super honored to be asked, and gladly accepted. Next thing I know, I received a personal invite from Syn’s significant other Joy to be put on the guest list, and thus everything was set in stone to be part of this magical wedding ceremony.  A week went by, and before I knew it, the big day was here: Saturday, April 13th, 2019!

*Some behind the scenes info. Syn planned the entire wedding and kept the layout of the entire ceremony a secret/magnificent surprise for his super lucky bride until the clock struck 3:33 P.M when it was officially time to walk down the aisle. Syn even made sure to book room number 333 at the hotel!*

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I arrived nearly an hour early and took a deep breath to soak up the reality of the fact this special event is actually happening with thoughts to stay focused but still aim to have fun. I then casually walked into The Embassy Suites and was kind of lost for a little bit. I wasn’t sure where to go as the hotel layout was enormous! Finally, the kind usher at the door helped point me in the right direction.  I signed my name on the guest list with a huge smile on my face, and waited for 3:33 PM to officially strike. The time of the wedding was a reference to the classic Psychopathic Records Zug Izland LP 3:33. Beautifully awesome!

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I walked through the doors where the wedding ceremony was going to be held and was immediately greeted by Rachel Paul (Dark Carnival  Tarot) with a giant hug!  She handed me a bottle of bubbles that would later be part of the ceremony. Jumpsteady of Psychopathic Records then turns around and asks “Are you Chad of Faygoluvers?”  I introduced myself to the legend, and then we got into an in-depth conversation about music for a little bit.  But that’s when the minister asked everyone to rise as it was  now officially 3:33 P.M.

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The Procession

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This is the part where the wedding party walks down the aisle and takes their places for the ceremony. Family members of both Syn and Joy each made their way to the altar separately, symbolizing the fact that they’re coming from different backgrounds. This was a traditional Christian procession in which the bride is escorted by her father, while the groom waits for her at the altar. But due to certain life circumstances Joy’s son’s, Brian and Joshua, escorted her.   Joy wore a gorgeous white wedding gown and was accompanied by her two sons down the aisle while Syn (dressed all spiffy in formal blue attire) awaited her. Syn then sang the powerful gospel tune “I Don’t Deserve It” to Joy as she slowly walked towards him.

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The Officiant minister then cheerfully addressed Syn and Joy to emphasize the significance of the vows the newlyweds were about to exchange. This included a reminder of their duties and roles in marriage. With huge smiles upon their faces and tears in their eyes, Joyy and Syn then exchanged their own vows, and lit a candle at the altar as a sign of  unity. Their rings were then exchanged, and the big moment finally came for the minister to officially proclaim “I now pronounce you husband and wife!”  Boom!  The newlyweds dove into a gigantic romantic kiss as the room filled with bubbles, claps, and cheers!


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The Reception

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There was an abundance of fine foods at the reception!  I would compare it to an upscale version of a buffet. Every selection was instantly mouth-watering! Syn went beyond huge for this one! The entire Zug Izland 3:33 album began to play as the DJ rocked out while we all stuffed our faces with super fancy foods and  dessert! I grabbed my own dish and happily sat with Rachel Paul, Jumpsteady, Sewerside and his lady, and a few others and simply discussed our favorite music and our own wild Gathering of the Juggalo stories. Then the dancing and performances began.

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Timmy B and Havok Savage started things off with their own singles and each held their own individually. Then underground favorite Sewerside came in and just straight up conquered the reception floor! Sewerside even astonishingly performed  a flawless cover of the Faith No More classic track “Epic” with Syn of Zug Izland joining in for the chorus. Both of them killed it! Everyone was cheering and just having even more of a blast when that track hit! Soon after the DJ started to put on some classic 90’s love songs to slow dance to. Even Jumpsteady was out on the dance floor grooving!

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The majority of attendees slow danced with smiles and happy tears all around.  Syn then sang a beautiful rendition of the Zug Izland track “Always” to his newly wedded wife, Joy.  It was a truly magical moment as they gazed upon each other while she sat in a big white chair smiling and slightly blushing. Soon after Joy and the single ladies participated in a classic traditional bridal bouquet toss filled with more laughs and cheers.


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Classic 1980’s- 1990’s tunes then played out through out night as I drank expensive Irish Whisky with Syn while chatting away with he and his lovely bride.  After awhile things started to wind down, and everyone said their goodbyes and gave out heart-warming hugs. EPIC!


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Congratulations to Syn and Joy on their marriage! We here at Faygoluvers.net want to wish the newly wedding couple an epic love-filled journey beyond the stars!

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*Photo  Credits Liam Himel & Angela Damron*



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