August 17, 2019
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Damien Quinn of Dark Half Announces Final Dark Half LP “Sick At Heart” Dropping Spring 2020!

The music of Dark Half shall live on forever. Damien Quinn and Geno Cultshit (RIP) touched the lives of thousands within the wicked underground scene with their own unique gothic originality for over a decade. Damien Quinn’s evocative wordplay and Geno Cultshit’s astonishing grunge influenced vocals proved the Wisconsin duo were destined for greatness beyond the underground. The classic Dark Half horror releases “Chapterz” (March 27, 2010) and “Graveyard Bluez” (June 1, 2012) solidified the “Cultshit” movement as each release shook the independent scene to its very core due to their macabre brilliance.  On Geno’s official birthday Damien Quinn announced  across social media that there will indeed be a final Dark Half LP titled “Sick At Heart” and its scheduled to be released sometime in Spring 2020! The news dropped with a Giallo flavored promo video featuring Damien Quinn covered in blood stabbing ferociously with an up-close haunting shot of Geno Cultshit’s very own Misfits hat.

From Damien Quinn: 

“For all the non-believers…your words can now be silenced…are you ready for “The Final” Dark Half album…are you “Sick At Heart”!?!?

#HappyBirthdayGeno #RIPGeno
#LSP #CultShit #DarkHalfLivesOn
#DarkHalf #SickAtHeart #ComingSoon”

The official artwork and  track-listing behind “Sick At Heart” hasn’t been revealed  yet, but stay tuned to the official Lyrikal Snuff Production’s “GOREHOP” website and for more news regarding Dark Half’s highly anticipated  final LP “Sick At Heart”.


Lyrikal Snuff Productionz presents, Dark Half’s final full-length album…”Sick At Heart”!! Coming Spring 2020!! Video Directed & Produced by: Damien Quinn and Tina Bingham Filmed by: Tina Bingham Edited by: Damien Quinn Screenplay written by: Damien Quinn Cast: Damian Quinn, Tina Bingham and Scott “Yung Ghozt” Wieszchowski



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