September 23, 2019
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Smoke Break – “Full Flavor”

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Pre orders ship with a bonus disc, Smoke Breaks first album!

  1. The Prayer (Intro)
  2. Boys Are Back (Produced by Komatose)
  3. Break is Over ft. Schoolly D Produced by DJ Lethal)
  4. Full Flavor (Produced by Bad Mind)
  5. BEAST ft Komatose (Produced by Komatose)
  6. Science (Produced by Sutter Kain)
  7. Therapy (Produced by Sutter Kain)
  8. 3D ft. Strawstone (Produced by Pflames)
  9. Molotov’s (Produced by DJ Lethal)
  10. Down In The Dirt (Produced by Sutter Kain)
  11. Fuck You (Produced by Komatose)
  12. Light Work ft Surreal the MC (Produced by Bad Mind)
  13. Cum Harder ft Riff Raff (Produced by DJ Lethal)
  14. Older & Wiser ft. Jay Influential (Produced by Bad Mind)
  15. Full Flavor Remix ft. Microphone Elements and Rush One (Produced by Bad Mind)



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