January 20, 2021
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Wiked Wood Reveals “Simulated Reality” LP; Duo Unleashes Trippy Glitched Out Video For Their Underground Shattering Single “Control The Game” FEATURING LEX THE HEX MASTER & LADY MORGAN

Wiked Wood (Boone, NC & Pittsburgh, PA) keep grinding their asses off on the daily and have become a league of their own within the Wicked Underground thanks to their hard work ethic, staying true to the fans, and the sheer brilliance behind their raw stage shows. The duo’s latest single “Control The Game” (featuring Lex The Hex Master & Lady Morgan) is already becoming a hit within the underground and will continue to shine through out the independent hip-hop scene, slowly becoming a timeless classic. Inside “Control The Game” Wiked Wood and Lex The Hex Master bring forth that dark conscious hip-hop back while Lady Morgan delivers a stunning hook! Preorders for their next LP titled “Simulated Reality” will begin June, 15, 2019.   Now peep that glitched out video!

Official Press Release From Wiked Wood:

Official “Control The Game” Video:

(May 15, 2019) — Wiked Wood, the underground hip-hop group made up of Cray-Z and Grave-Bait, have announced the release of “Control The Game” featuring heavy hitters Lex The Hex Master & Lady Morgan. The first single from their upcoming album, Simulated Reality. Pre orders for the album launch on June 15, 2019.


Helping capture their vision for a new era of the music is cinematography from Jon Bradley Films. The released music video was filmed in Queens at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. The location was once used for the 2002 film Men in Black 2, the backdrop for one of the film’s climactic moments. The site was also home to the iconic video, “Mo Money, Mo Problems” by the late Notorious B.I.G, as well as A Tribe Called Quest’s “Award Tour.” The Unisphere featured in the upcoming visual can also be seen in the former. The Unisphere is also used as the Stark Expo in multiple Marvel movies. 


Fans will also be able to see the group live on June 14, 2019, as they perform as part of Esham’s Afraid of the Dark tour at the Championship Bar in Trenton, New Jersey. One can learn more about their tour schedule and “Simulated Reality” by connecting with them on social media, via their website.


The single can also be streamed via Spotify, iTunes & all other major music outlets here: https://song.link/i/1463324891


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