July 9, 2020
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Insane Clown Posse asks for Gathering Throwback Photos #GOTJThrowback

Over at the Insane Clown Posse Facebook, they have put up a new post celebrating 20 years of Gathering!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been going on for nearly half of my life, and that I have personally attended every single one of them!  Holy shit…the Gathering is gonna be so fuckin’ epic this year!

Anyways, to keep the hype rolling, ICP wants you to post your GOTJ Throwback pictures!  All you have to do is create a new post on your Facebook / Instagram / Twitter, upload one or more pictures, and post it with the hashtag: #GOTJThrowback!  Check out the official post about it below.

From Facebook.com/InsaneClownPosse:

IT’S A 20-YEAR CELEBRATION OF THE GATHERING OF THE JUGGALOS! The Gathering proudly presents…#GOTJThrowbackThursday! Submit your favorite old school Gathering photos and include the hashtag #GOTJThrowback for a chance to be featured right here as part of GOTJ Throwback Thursday! If your #GOTJThrowback post is selected, you’ll be featured in next week’s installment of GOTJ Throwback and also be entered to win a GOTJ Throwback Prize Pack! The countdown to the 20th Annual continues! Got a picture from the infamous ’06 “muddalo” gathering? How about ICP’s legendary performances from the infamous indoor Gatherings? Care to share photographic evidence of the notorious Juggalo Scavenger Hunts? We’re looking for memories across the board! Break out the old Fun Savers for the mega flavor as we kick it old school and celebrate the 20 year legacy of the Gathering! The countdown to 20 years of Shangri-La on Earth continues!!!! #GOTJThrowback

And to get things started, here’s one of me and Missy (“That’s Sugar’s girl!”) from the first annual Gathering of the Juggalos in 2000!

19 years old straight off a 30 hour Greyhound trip from Texas!



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    Faygoluvers Comments

  1. Carnivalkilla44


    Comment posted on Thursday, June 6th, 2019 09:10 pm GMT -5 at 9:10 pm

    That’s back when Scottie D was Scottie D! Missy made him the man he is today.

  2. Scottie D

    Scottie D

    Comment posted on Thursday, June 6th, 2019 10:34 pm GMT -5 at 10:34 pm

    No idea what that means, but I approve this message @CK44

  3. FuckmeFuck


    Comment posted on Thursday, June 6th, 2019 11:01 pm GMT -5 at 11:01 pm

    Craig bonney gets it. I wish Twiztid would be there.

  4. BtkStrangler


    Comment posted on Friday, June 7th, 2019 10:29 am GMT -5 at 10:29 am

    Craig booner is a dipshit

  5. purplekushy

    Comment posted on Monday, June 10th, 2019 01:44 am GMT -5 at 1:44 am

    yo scotty, hit me up if you want me to send you crazy rare pics from the first ever gathering from Novi, MI.. This is before the era of camera phone so it was all disposable camera shit. Pics include the first ever ICP seminar, including shaggys bike ride into thumbtacks stunt, kmk show, twiztid show, Picture of the original wrist band, pics from inside the convention centre, some juggalette titties who photo bombed me a few times and much more. I don’t have any social media because fuk the feds keeping tabs and all that but if you want some classics ill send them to ya.

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