September 18, 2020
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Sicfux Part 2 - Helping End The Stigma

Yes we are known as Sicfux or Graydux and our motto is Sicfux for Life. But that has a deeper meaning if you think about it. Sicfux for Life. Meaning we want to not only see people live, but we want to see people live in good mental health.

So we started collecting donations November 10th, 2017 and decided to count where we were at June 28th, 2018. At only 7 month into our quest, we have raised $1,250 and we are continuing to collect money to help #EndTheStigma and find a real cure for mental illness.

Jimmy Donn is dropped a 40 song double CD called “Winter” in which every penny earned from the sales of those CD’s, the streams of the songs, the downloads, etc. will be donated to help end the mental illness stigma.

If you want to donate or follow us feel free to subscribe to this channel, go to follow the quest on Instagram @Sicfux or just donate to known organizations that actually help those suffering.

One of them is

Thank You and remember, you are not alone and somebody loves you. We love you and you deserve to be happy.

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