November 17, 2019
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The Soopa Gathering Program is Now Available for Download!

We’re just over a month away from the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, and it’s GOT to be getting close because the Official Soopa Gathering Program just dropped!

In it, you’ll find details of every Soopa Stage act, every event, every auction item, and…well EVERYTHING else that you can think of!  It goes over the schedule, rules, general information, and a lot more!  There WILL be Gathering programs available for all ticket holders, but it may be worth it for you to download this to your phone so you can have it handy at all times.

Now, peep the post and the PDF of it below.


It is the greatest thing you will ever read in your entire life! Now available for your viewing pleasure–get the low down on what’s about to go down July 31 to August 3rd in Springville, IN! Shimmer Forest! The 20th Annual GOTJ program is now available for download! Get it BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE ON THIS TEXT!

Inside the booklet, the first thing you will see is this super fresh welcome message that may give you goosebumps!  It reads…

20 years of the Gathering of the Juggalos…
On this momentous occasion, we Gather together not just to celebrate the 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, but to uphold the legacy of our Juggalo Family. For two decades strong, we have converged at the height of the summer season for something so much more than the concerts, the lights, the sounds, the revelry, and the circus. There is no mistaking that the Gathering is the Greatest Show on Earth and has rightfully earned the title as the longest running independent rap festival on this or any other known planet. And while all these accolades are well-deserved and a point of pride, in our hearts we know…There is so much more to this. A greater reason and purpose. A magic that calls us together. That knowing. The spirit of the tribe. The call of the Dark Carnival. The magic mists that float by as we gaze through the trees into starry skies. We are together. And THAT is what we celebrate here, after 20 long, fresh, hilarious, incredible, tremendously karma-filled years. We call this the Soopa Gathering because we are here to celebrate the superpowers of the Juggalo Family. All of us here together and united are capable of heroics and strength beyond measure. We are Soopa. We are mighty. For we have found each other by the magic of the Carnival—standing 20 years strong on the Dirtball as we see into the eternity of Shangri-La. Finding Forever together, may the Dark Carnival empower and ignite the Hero in you ALL…

We welcome you home…
to the 20th Annual Soopa Gathering of the Juggalos!




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    Faygoluvers Comments

  1. Bonesaw Wizardstick

    Comment posted on Monday, June 24th, 2019 09:43 pm GMT -6 at 9:43 pm

    One thing of note is that this confirms that the Geto Boys are still performing. They updated it to state that Willie D and Scarface are doing it in honor of Bushwick.

  2. mikeysinder

    Comment posted on Monday, June 24th, 2019 10:13 pm GMT -6 at 10:13 pm

    Dopeness, I was hoping they’d do something like that.

  3. sflm


    Comment posted on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 08:40 pm GMT -6 at 8:40 pm


    That’s an excellent addition that they’re banning those mortorized vehicles. They’ve been creating too many blastholes year after year.

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