July 7, 2020
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Twiztid - "4 The Nightmare Children" [Official Lyric Video]

Lyric video by: Doenut

We are the anguish the forgotten looked over and pushed aside we’re fluent, we speak the language. The nightmare is real this is the generation thought to be crippled by emotion and how they feel. Hearts lead ‘em blind always trying just to get ahead all the while gettin’ further behind.

If I’m livin’ I’m learnin’ consistent determined to be the voice for those unable to speak somewhere between the powerful and the weak. We are the void let the music complete you again audio medicine.

Get it through your head
We’re everything the living and the dead

The young the old the everyone in between like a chest

The people you look down upon and judge amongst your friends
The frowned upon and clowned upon the people at their end

The people who will never bow our backs will never bend
The people you can never buy our souls are priceless

This is just another song lettin’ you know again
The rein of the nightmare children now begins

Shadow smiles no fucks to give mama say a prayer for the nightmare kids they criticize us and the way that we live but we could care less now than we ever did. Shadow smiles no fucks to give mama say a prayer for the nightmare kids.

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