September 22, 2020
23 Guests and Online

Updated Event Map Revealed for the Soopa Gathering!

For today’s Soopa Gathering revelation, a full-sized, downloadable event map was released! This map has been fully updated and comes with an explanation of the layouts.

Some ninjas have watched campground GoPro golf cart footage of Shimmer Forest, and it looks deceptively big.  Well, we’ve got some good news for you.  Most of that footage is the drive through the parking lot! I’ll get to that a little later in the post though.  First, check the all new fresh as fuck map.


The 20th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos official map of Shimmer Forest has been updated! Need a lift? Hop on the multiple shuttles running 24-7 at one of the official shuttle stops, located all around the grounds! They’re like massive super-stretch Ubers with hundreds of Juggalo homies! We got you covered! We’ve also added more spots where you can get FREE water so you can stay hydrated fam! ADA camping and parking! And of course, there will be plenty of shady trees for your camping needs. The countdown to the 20th Annual Soopa Gathering continues!

Now, here’s the map itself:

Click to get the full size map!

For you ninjas who have the fresh color printer hookup at work, you can get the high resolution PDF here:

Now, I’m gonna add a little bit of extra flavor courtesy of Rachel Paul, who has been hard at work for months helping piece this Gathering together!  She posted this on the GOTJ Facebook group, so I figure it’s fair game:

Trolley stops! Aight y’all here’s the lowdown for all ninjas concerned about the size of GOTJ’s Shimmer Forest: When you get to the grounds, notice how all stages and tents are on the left side of the map (with the exception of Uncanny Stage, which has no scheduled events). Also, this event map is NOT to scale. We’re actually using an even SMALLER portion of the grounds than represented here, meaning all the stages and event tents are even closer together than they seem. All the main attractions are in the Northwest corner of the grounds, as seen on the satellite Google overhead photo. So when you arrive on the GOTJ grounds and are driving in or walking or shuttling in from the parking lot to find your campsite……..keep going forward! Camp near the stages. Go west, Juggalos! Go west! These videos floating around show a go pro riding around the entire radius of the park are not accurate–they’re really just showing the long ride to the parking lot. That’s the only long ride there is. News flash: Jumpsteady would never space the stages and tents out that far apart! After 20 years of creating Gatherings, he and Billy both know way better than to expose everyone to excessive walks or heat stroke lol. Thus he has localized everything on the northwest side of the park. And to get back to the parking lot? Well that’s the long “go pro” rides ya seeing here. Trolley it, y’all! Jumpsteady’s got you. In fact, with the way he’s spaced out the grounds, you’ll find the area between stages IS SMALLER than in Hog Rock. That’s the truth. We measured it out and the absolute LONGEST walk in the main area with all the stages, tents, etc. is from Freakshow Tent to the showers, and that is just under half a mile or a 7 minute walk (see in the comments)–NOT that far. (Remember that’s the farthest possible point from end to end of the main areas.) Now…..There IS a hill between Soopa and Shazam Stage. But use the trolleys. Or fly up it with ya cape Soopa Hero style. Other than that, the only thing that’s repped by those go pro “drive thrus” we keep seeing is the long ride to the parking lot…..OVER AND OUT! WHOOOOOOP WHOOOOOOP!

So hopefully that puts some of you at ease about the long walks in the hottest part of the summer.

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