July 31, 2021
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Wrekonize - "Vice City" (Freestyle)

Produced by Michael “Seven” Summers


Vice City
Down south where the ocean meets mainland
chickens shopping out in dade land
Mother fuckers turning colors in the sun
that other cities need to spray tan
Their heat couldn’t bake yams
Our heat wave known to break man
Running round and trying to cool it down
but don’t you bother cuz the mayors satan
Roll up to Fritanga recipes are made with Goya
new fam we pachanga reconocer now Nicoya
In out yeah we wander but we always back into the boiler
Boss moves like La Bamba I think you need a new employer
I been on one so long bruh ride 8th street with a blindfold
Shotgun with a lock on every big play like a 9 volt
Rock run imma drop some then I lock up every high toll
They got pop lung Imma rock drum Imma stock up gimme nine fold
They slept on me now for like decades
renegade with the rent paid I don’t fuck around with the check game
I’m the Sensei with the red clay
They don’t want beef they want tempeh
They just want sleep in a dense grave
I been here driving the fairway champ

I been traveling so much i feel dizzy
But ain’t no other place I’ve seen compares to vice city bitch

I’m in the blackbird sipping mezcal
Mash words with the wrek pound
imma flash first with the pet sounds
Hack verbs on the net now
track burns I inject proud
Black mirror I’m a mess wow
Crash turn into left bound
Lemme get this straight I’m suppose to fend for my family’s stuffing
And make deals upon demand when I know the man is bluffing
The music biz is smoke and mirrors Mayday said we stuck in
But y’all kept rocking tunes up off our backs like Teddy Ruxpin
Old Reference faithful employee no severance
Cold record how they just circle around that’s so tekken
Flow beckons over your soul it’s boulder than snow leopards
Go getters turn into slow steppers that’s yo preference
Bitch I’m a mastodon at Mastercom
Pressing product double potent foes’ flows ain’t half as strong
305 imported live beyond the walls of Babylon
So come on down to Vice City load one up and ramble on

I been traveling so much i feel dizzy
But ain’t no other place I’ve seen compares to vice city bitch

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