January 26, 2021
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Gut Pit

Darby O'Trill

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Download/Stream the album here: https://darbyotrill.bandcamp.com/album/gut-pit-2

  1. abracadabra! you’r now a plastic bag full of guts (prod.cutty)
  2. a decaying corpse is a work of art(prod.cutty)
  3. the clocc with 30 hands ft.cutthroat the coroner (prod.cutty)
  4. all of my idols are drug addicts ft.keagan grimm (prod.cutty)
  5. beat to death by a coffee pot (prod.cutty)
  6. a rotting dead body in a trailer park bathroom(prod.cutty)
  7. murdered in the dark outside of your favorite bar (prod.cutty)
  8. moist (prod.devereaux)
  9. orange bloodstain on a linoleum tile floor (prod. rozz dyliams)
  10. i know where the albino squirrel live ft.brother v (prod.cutty)
  11. in the valley of the mutilated corpses, i found the dog headed man (prod.cutty)
  12. torn flesh between a crocodiles teeth (prod.cutty)
  13. intercourse with a chainsaw ft.cutthroat the coroner (prod.cutty)
  14. i’ve been to heaven and hell and still don’t know if god or the devil exist (prod.cutty)
  15. she vanished after midnight ft.cutthroat the coroner (prod.cutty)
  16. skullfucced by a shillelagh (prod.cutty)
  17. my reflection moved but i did not (prod.cutty)
  18. terrifier (prod.devereaux)
  19. who left this dead midget in my trunk (prod.cutty)
  20. the kid that smells like cat piss (prod.cutty)
  21. three rotting rabbit corpses baking in the sun ft.swag toof (prod.ecesis)
  22. the voices of children heard through the t.v. static (prod.cutty)
  23. they sell faygo at the dollar store (prod.cutty)
  24. you look like you would be fun to dismember (prod.joey martian)
  25. where the heart is ft.cutthroat the coroner (prod.cutty)
  26. warlocc blades ft. warlord colossus (prod.station 666)
  27. what boils faster water or my blood (prod.cutty)



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  1. JuggaNuggz

    scooby who

    Comment posted on Sunday, September 1st, 2019 05:08 pm GMT -6 at 5:08 pm

    the homie Darby with the new age of the wicked shit #6

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