August 13, 2020
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Draco (Founder of Releases New LP “Waterproof”

Those who are deep into the underground scene may remember Well, Draco was the head DJ and the owner and founder of the now defunct  It promoted the early career  of Dark Half when they first signed to Lyrikal Snuff Productionz, Dead Celebrity Status’s comeback release “Throwaway Kids”, Bloodshot first starting Slaughtercore Entertainment, Mizter 8 Legz first exploding onto the underground scene and tons more!  Sadly in 2014 the station faded away. Awesomely enough though Draco has always been hard at work for over a decade focusing on his own solo career.  We here at are always looking for unique styles of music and Draco’s newly released LP “Waterproof” is one of those underrated gems. It’s straight to the point and contains lyrical inspiration from a variety of hardcore punk and dark hip-hop. Readers decide for yourself, but “Waterproof” is worth a listen.
Underground fans can support Draco’s “Waterproof” at these links here:



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