July 9, 2020
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Rapper REDD Releases New Digital Single “True Colors;” Available For Stream Now!

A lot of you avid Fayoluvers readers are likely familiar with underground rapper Redd from appearing with Twiztid, The R.O.C., and most frequently, Boondox. He can also be heard on every track of the Turncoat Dirty EP, Dirty Days of Night.

Anyway, I’ve been jamming his EP No Free Tickets a lot and I have to admit, I’m a Redd mark. Not like a liver spot though; not that kind of red mark.
Now he’s released a brand new track titled “True Colors” available on Spotify right now! It’s straight-up dark hip-hop that sounds dope as hell. The track clocks in at a whopping 1 minute and 14 seconds, so you definitely have time to check it out, homie.

He’s got a pretty dope music video for this track too where he’s rockin’ some trippy facepaint but it’s unembeddable. Check that out on Redd‘s official Facebook page HERE.

He’s going to be releasing some of his older tracks through streaming services as well so keep your eyes open for that.

I really hope he sticks to this style and releases a full length similar to this!



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