January 26, 2021
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Super Famous Fun Time Guys’ “How Do You Fit A Cassette In A Discography?” Album Now Available!

It’s time, ninjas. They’re super, they’re famous, they’re fun, they’re guys, and they just dropped a brand new album titled “How Do You Fit A Cassette In A Discography?

This “extremely turbulent and vastly under-anticipated” release is available right now on CD and includes features with McNastee, Grewsum, Majik Duce, Madd Maxxx, Krawldad (who you may know by a different name if you pay attention to the track), and more! Grab that at FunTimeGang.com by CLICKING HERE.

This album will also be available in digipacks, and a limited run of cassettes may also be on the way so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Check out the tracklist:

Side A

  1. BFF 2
  2. Unibros
  3. Lame Shit feat. Durte
  4. Watercooler Recap
  5. Pinata
  6. Helpful Heroes feat. McNastee & Grewsum

Side B

  1. WWYD feat. Nipple Sweet
  2. Bouncehouse Bastards feat. Madd Maxxx
  3. Nah We Aint Cool feat. Majik Duce
  4. Crawlspace feat. Krawldad
  5. Pardon Me feat. Zero
  6. Positive

Since my last post about this album, I may have figured out what it means to fit a cassette into a discography. I’m gonna cheat though and grab the release to find out. You should too, homie.



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