August 9, 2020
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Bukshot Releases Track List for “Helter Skelter: Hellion”

Not long ago, Bukshot announced that he had already completed ANOTHER full-length LP that will drop in just a few weeks!  The album is called Helter Skelter: Hellion, and features 14 tracks that are ALL produced by the one and only Seven!

It will also have collabs from Rittz, Demi Demaree, and Tyler Lyon!  Here’s the track listing as released on Twitter:

  1. The Hellion
  2. 3:33
  3. Bad Day
  4. Wrong One (ft. Rittz)
  5. Always
  6. The Butcher
  7. Sick
  8. Come On
  9. Dead Lights (ft. Demi Demaree)
  10. These Woods
  11. America
  12. That Fade
  13. What Hurts The Most (ft. Tyler Lyon)
  14. It’s All A Game

Check the artwork for the back cover here:

Click to enlarge!

The release date for this LP is October 18th, and you can get an autographed pre-order for only $10.00!  To see that, and ALL Bukshot merch, hit up




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