July 9, 2020
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Check Out Mars’ Exclusive Interview with Replicon Radio!

Our homies over at Replicon Radio were recently able to snag an interview with the one and only Mars! Replicon usually only talks to guests via their radio show/podcast, and it’s sorta rare for them to do a one-off exclusive that’s not part of that show, but that’s what you get here homies!

In the interview, host Freaky P and Mars discuss:

  • Recording his new single Medication at 3 am and releasing it the same week it was mixed, which is one of the luxuries of being signed with Empire.
  • Releasing singles every month which gave allowance to see what the fans want more of and less of and what direction to go into.
  • His album with Danny Diablo “Devils and Demons” dropping on Force 5 Records.
  • Choosing beats from Clayton Van Pelt and Bvne for his next two projects instead of getting new production made and adapting to them made his new projects more creative and different than his previous work.
  • The unity in the underground and how it’s starting to formulate again. How it always will because the age pool always regenerates after time.
  • Projects and songs coming this year with Razakel, Jason Porter and V-Town.

Not even in a nut-shell, homies!

Check out that entire interview right now over at RepliconRadio.com or check out the Spreaker embed below.




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