February 28, 2020
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Corpus Christi, Texas Underground Legend Shy One Unleashes 1999-2004 Discography Bundle!

A large number of underground heads who’ve been following the Wicked Underground hip-hop scene since 1999 definitely know the brilliant horror music behind Corpus Christi, Texas emcee Shy One. They still brag to this day about how Shy One’s lyrical nightmarish rhyme schemes positively impacted their life but first scared them straight to hell and back upon first bumping his content. I will admit it too.  “Where I Stand I Will fall” (Released in 2004. I was 16.)   had me questioning whether or not demonic entities were roaming around in my room while the lyrical content had me grinning ear to ear in horrortastic amazement. I was scared, but feeling more alive than ever, as I could feel Shy One’s emotions pour out the speakers and lyrically stab my ears in a good way. The darker side of modern hip-hop (GHOSTEMANE,  new artists signed to MNE and Psychopathic Records, City Morgue,  $uicide Boy$, etc) today continues to thrive across the Billboard Charts. But back in the early 2000’s Shy One was able to induce fear into your mind like the 1930’s “Old Time Horror Radio” show “Lights Out” while listeners were able to bob their heads to Shy One’s production for hours upon hours until they physically couldn’t anymore, maybe even breaking their own necks in the process when Shy One busted out Ghetto Metal 3-6 Mafia style! We here at Faygoluvers.net are proud to say that all the long lost out of print albums from Shy One’s main discography from 1999-2004 is awesomely  available once again digitally (as well as the 2005 Halloween  EP “The Sematary” ) at https://horrorbeats.com/music/albums.

From Shy One Across Social Media:

Finally posted my 1999-2004 rap albums in a bundle starting back when I was 16. Times were so different back in the day. Thank you all for keeping the underground alive!!! Always love!

P.S. Artists looking for Shy One production hit up: https://horrorbeats.com/




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  1. BZA


    Comment posted on Monday, September 16th, 2019 01:28 am GMT -6 at 1:28 am

    If anyone doesn’t know where to start with Shy One check out Reactions and A Morbid Fairy Tale

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