June 1, 2020
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Mr. Hyde (Psycho+Logical-Records) Unleashes Gangster Sledgehammer Smash Single “The Boot” Featuring Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks!

Boom! Now that it has hit the official midnight hour, as promised, Mr. Hyde (Psycho+Logical-Records) has unleashed his gangster sledgehammer smash single “The Boot” featuring Vinnie Paz of the legendary Jedi Mind Tricks! The first ever collabo between Vinnie Paz and Mr. Hyde featuring production by Necro! It’s east-coast emcee rawness  and “The Boot” is bound to leave underground fans in a hip-hop coma upon the lyrical contusions that may emerge on your flesh upon first listening, as if Leatherface of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise himself suddenly snatched up those who dared bump this single  and starting  pounding away at there bodies with a massive sledgehammer, while strapped down to an electric chair bumping “The Boot’ on full blast! Hell yeah! Turn out the lights and get wild to this one!


Pre-Order “The Boogey Man Is Real” Here:http://mrhydemerch.com/?fbclid=IwAR3mc6rfyc1SoBOzfYOrFZAcyRSG0jFAIX7Ac5cYXoVo1VmgifsJzD5J6v8



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