February 29, 2020
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RoxxxTV Releases Dope New Article, “The Underground Is Conquering The Mainstream”

RoxxxTv has released an extremely dope article diving into the success of the mainstream and how it’s dependent on the underground and its fans. It’s titled “The Underground Is Conquering The Mainstream” and underground and mainstream fans alike should definitely be checking it out.

It speaks on how a lot of underground music sounds like mainstream music and vice versa. Mainstream music takes what the underground has done and puts their own spin on it while underground music will take mainstream music and put their own spin on it. It’s a cycle.

Also, some mainstream acts will release 100% independent releases that could be considered underground, while some underground artists release albums and get mainstream numbers!

I feel like I’m starting to write my own article here, so I’m just gonna stop.

Check out RoxxxTv’s entire article over at RoxxxTv.com by CLICKING HERE or check that out below.

Once again, props to the homie Sid Jones.

The Underground Is Conquering The Mainstream

Mainstream Depends On Underground Artists

Written By: Sid Jones

This summer belongs to the underground. And in this article, we will be analyzing everything from performances to music releases. But its not just about the summer of 2019, this is about the present and the future. Based on everything happening right now, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the underground is in good hands. Not just because of the artists, bands and promoters, but the fans. Without them, there would be no shows and there would be no success. So, let’s take a minute to thank them and observe everything together.

Before we begin, I would like to that a moment and remind you all that sponsor slots are available for the website. RoxxxTv is quickly growing and building into something completely new. And this is thanks to each and every one of you. For your support, views and interactions. We have the best fans in the world. So, if you have a product or company you need some extra promoting for, please contact us! We are here to help!

Closing The Divide

The underground has gone from being segregated to united. And how did this happen? Well, look no further than the innovative and creative music behind the movement. These artists gave us songs that became the soundtrack to something much bigger than just something to listen to. Xtra Overdoze “My Mentality” and the new song from Tre Lb, “They All Float” are the first ones that come to mind. When you listen to these songs, there’s a rock/hip-hop blend and that gives fans of all genres a reason to mosh, despite their differences.

Nothing brings people together like a good performance. And these artists offer both. The response these artists get is truly remarkable and its not just the fans that are giving them recognition. In fact, other artists and record labels are giving them the nod and applauding them.

One of the things the industry is paying attention to? Artists with their own fanbase and following. The more people you have behind you, the better chances you have of getting signed or put on a tour. So, with the counter cultures and sub-cultures coming together for the same artists and bands, the fan base grows at a faster rate. More on that later.

Mainstream Failures

Let us now look at the music industry as a battleground for a moment. Because who doesn’t like references to violence and war? The mainstream is like a kingdom that’s annihilating itself. There is no unity in the way it operates and its fallen into disarray. From the artists turning on the labels, to labels shoving new artists down our throats, there is no longevity. In fact, the shelf life of bread is longer than most artists in the mainstream. And that’s largely due to our attention span. But mostly, its the fact that labels are a revolving door.

I will go out on a limb and say this, the mainstream doesn’t care about the fans. All they care about is fortune and fame which brings them to places like rehab or an early grave. But they seem to rely on reality television and personality rather than talent. You look back at where this all started and its shows like Boiling Point and Real World that truly gave music a resting place. Its the pinnacle moment when music television slowly died out. Now, we have shows like Love and Hip-Hop, Ridiculousness, Jersey Shore and the list goes on.

Underground On The Rise

The underground is in a very strange place right now. Simply because, we don’t know the difference between mainstream and “sell-outs.” But I’m here to fix that for you. In an interview with New Found Glory, they address their fans by saying, “We didn’t sell out, we went to the major leagues. No one is telling us what to write or how to perform. Its like going from the minor leagues to the major leagues. It’s different, but we’re not.” So, with that in mind, lets look at artists you all know and analyze who’s team they’re on.

We’ll start with Tech N9ne. Is he popular? Absolutely! In fact, he has songs play on the radio, he’s worked with artists from all genres such as Serj of System of a Down. Does this mean he’s sold out? No, he’s on his own label doing this his way. That makes him a major independent. Yes, you can argue he’s mainstream but he’s going to bat for us. And we need people like him to give light to the underground. It’s where he came from and he’s showing us the way.

How did this happen? What made Tech N9ne so popular so fast?

Evolving Rather Than Revolving


As time goes on, people change. And artists are no different. In fact, they are more prone to change based on their innovation and willingness to grow. Take Kung Fu Vampire for example, he’s changed so much and that’s a key to success. He went from being an underground horrorcore artist and slowly changed his music style. He’s avoided being typecast as a vampire to being something so much more. Tech N9ne went from singing about being a slacker, smoking pot and watching music videos to things happening in the world. And the two have shifted in their sound and range.

Mars is another prime example. He went from doing albums like School House Glock to the music he’s doing now. Which has a lot of people scratching their heads but that’s only helping him grow. You can only sing about shooting and stabbing somebody so many times before you run out of clever things to say. Now don’t get me wrong, I love violent and grotesque lyrics. The song Girlfriend from Mars makes me laugh every time I hear it. Same with Kung Fu’s track Dead Girls Don’t Say No. But, the songs that got my attention from each artist were vastly different.

One of the most underrated songs from Mars that truly helped me get through hard times? Come Along Way off the Mars Attacks album. And the song that really hit home for me from Kung Fu Vampire? Blade featuring Mr. Grey off the Love Bites album. I strongly suggest you check out these tracks.

We Made The Mainstream

What people fail to realize is that the underground makes up the mainstream. They draft our artists and sometimes, the artists do “sell out” and bend to the will of the labels. But as I previously mentioned, you have labels like Strange Music Inc, Psychopathic Records, Hellcat, Born & Bred that are completely independent. But they still manage to pull mainstream numbers. Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, Social Distortion, Billy Talent among other punk bands have success in both the mainstream and underground. However, as they grew in popularity they continue to do things on their own terms.

In other words, they combat the mainstream but the surface still claims them. Even though they all started in small venues across the United States. Without us, there would never be this kind of success and it can happen. But, the underground faces one uphill battle and we’re being weighed down. And we talk about in several articles.

Market saturation is a situation that arises when the volume of a product or service in a marketplace has been maximized in its current state. Which means, there is more product than demand. And in today’s industry, there is no shortage of people wanting to be rock stars.

Its A Cycle And We Run It!

As you can see in this poorly made image, the underground features within the circle TWICE. Well, that’s because the underground eventually goes mainstream and the audience for the mainstream gets tired, bored or wants more. And the mainstream then goes back into the underground. However, there is one place it will never go. And that’s the cesspool of the underground. There’s a blockage to where no one will go. And unfortunately for the underground artists trying to make it, the cesspool is what’s clogging up the cycle. What’s more, the cesspool considers themselves underground. This is simply not the case. These are the ones that don’t travel, don’t put in the time or effort into their product or themselves.

Now, while there is a chance for the cesspool to make into the underground, they have no right referring to themselves as such. And believe me, RoxxxTV gets thousands of music videos and singles sent to us every week. And there’s times where we sit in the office and laugh at some of the things people send to us. However, there are a lot of times we find gems and we’re baffled that some of these bands and artists aren’t bigger than they are. Well, why aren’t they? Because they are scrambled in with the cesspool, bottom of the barrel music that’s being rushed and put out.

In short, the industry depends on a good underground following to sign new artists and make money off them. And in today’s day in age of Spotify, Pandora, illegal downloading etc. all the money is in the merchandise. So how exactly do they make money? Merchandise and tours. And who buys that stuff? Fans! And that’s how they figure out who to sign and put in the spotlight.

The Cure

RoxxxTV continues to work with several artists and producers. And we all have our own goals which shapes us a company and a service all at the same time. As I’m sure you’re aware, we have branched into different genres of music. And that’s because we need to. There are far too many bands and artists that are getting ignored because of the cesspool. These genres in the underground need all of us, including you. So, we have set out to work with the best of the best and bring you the music that we feel you would all enjoy.

We have the King of Horrorcore, King Gordy that rides with us and takes into places we never thought possible. RoxxxTV just ran a marking campaign for Tre Lb because he has given back to each and every one of you. REDD is another artist that has quickly joined the ranks and proved to be a huge success in a completely different genre. In fact, he’s been credited with a lot of love from artists like Chris Webby and that style of music. And of course Xtra Overdoze who crosses boundaries and tampers with different styles and genres.

Then you look at bands like The Linecutters who prove to be the leaders in the new wave of punk that the scene desperately needs. The torch being passed from Black Flag to them is truly something remarkable. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. We have current bands like Bad Assets, Stacked Deck, and others that are keeping OI! and hardcore music alive. Not to mention, RJ Harper Band that play country with no country ties, but came from punk music. And I’m certain I’ve forgotten some. Kovax, Ta Kova, Fury, Sky Swamp Orange, among many others. You have artists that are continuing to strive and grow. Gorilla Voltage combining hip-hop with metal and the list goes on.

We Want You To Succeed

RoxxxTV is probably one of the most unorthodox companies in today’s industry. We come up with out of the box methods to promote artists and their projects. And that’s not an accident. In fact, we strive to do something no one else is doing to create artists and network. While there are several music promotions and YouTube hobbyists, we want to be more than that. Not for our gain, but for the artists and the industry as a whole. And in turn, the fans will benefit as well with badass merch and dope music!



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