February 28, 2020
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SOOPA GATHERING Video Drop #7: Jumpsteady, Whitney Peyton, Morris Day, ESHAM, Geto Boys!

Yup, I’ve gotten behind on these video drops, but we’re getting close to having them all posted!  Tonight, the Soopa Gathering videos continue!  We’ve got 5 additional videos that you’re gonna want to take the time to check out!  There’s some super dope flavor in here!

We’re debuting partial sets from Whitney Peyton, the Geto Boys, the legendary Morris Day and the Time, the Godfather of the Wicked Shit ESHAM, and my favorite of the bunch…Jumpsteady’s Late night set complete with costume changes, and Sewerside hyping him up!  You can see all of those videos below.

Jumpsteady’s Late Night Set:

Whitney Peyton’s Set:

Morris Day and the Time set:


Geto Boys set:



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